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Tesla brings Sentry mode, Dog mode updates for its EVs

Less than a month after Elon Musk said Tesla's Sentry mode would "come soon," the update started along with a few other improvements. In a blog post detailing Sentry Mode, Tesla said the car's external cameras are being used to spot potential threats. When the device is in standby mode, the cameras will be in the "Alarm" status if someone is leaning against the car, which indicates on the touchscreen that the cameras are recording.

If someone breaks a camera window or something then goes straight to the alarm that triggers the alarm, playing music with loud volume and increasing the brightness on the inside screen. It also sends a warning to the owner through its Tesla app. If the computer has connected a formatted USB drive before enabling Sentry mode, it will record a record of all data starting 1

0 minutes before the alert is triggered. You'll need to enable Sentry mode each time you want to use it – with probably the best shots – by going to the Security & Security menu.

The Sentry Mode
Sentry Mode constantly monitors your car's environment while it is locked and parked. When a potential threat is detected, the cameras in your car start recording and the alarm system activates. You will receive notification from your Tesla app that you have been notified of an incident.

To enable Sentry Mode, go to Controls> Security> Sentry Mode. You must reactivate this feature each time you use it.

Sentry Mode is designed to add another layer of protection to your vehicle, but it does not prevent all sorts of threats.

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