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Tesla changes its standard color from black to white

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla is going to increase the price of its black paint option, which is currently the only standard paint color for the Model 3, S, and X.

A white paint option is going to become the new standard paint option.

"What does Henry Ford supposedly said when asked why Ford is not offering different colors for the Model T.

When first launching The model 3, Tesla just made a black color standard and everything cost a $ 1,000 or more premium.

Like Ford's obsession with efficiency, so Tesla limited the option to streamline production.

Now Musk says that it is going to cost another $ 1


It's a great way to announce the change since it's basically about $ 1,000 on Model 3 and across its lineup, but the CEO lat he confirmed that Tesla wants another "simple white" color option.

Tesla already offers a white, but it's a "Pearl White Multi-Coat," which comes with a $ 1,500 premium for Model 3 and $ 2,000 for Model S and Model X.

In the past, Tesla was offering a standard white for Model S and Model X.

Electrek's Take

This is an interesting move.

19659002] Black and white are the two most popular colors for cars in the US:

Therefore, it should not have a major impact long term. Tesla wants to come out with, but I expect it just fine.

In the short term though, it should help give a slight boost to sales

Buyers on the Fence Who I Believe is the Goal of this Change.

Buyers on the Fence Who Were Preparing to Buy See the price of their configuration increase by $ 1,000.

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