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Tesla Cybertruck Event: What awaits you from Elon Musk's electric pickup?

On Thursday night, Elon Musk will be on stage at the Tesla Design Center in Los Angeles to unveil the product he's most looking forward to: the first electric pickup from Tesla. And while the CEO has switched the truck on and off for six years with increasing hype at every turn, it's still not clear what's at stake. Unlike the Model Y at the beginning of this year, for example, Musk played this model a bit closer to the chest.

Yes, according to Musk, he was inspired by the Blade Runner truck design. It is also called "Cybertruck" (or at least codenamed "Cybertruck"), with a corresponding in science fiction style held vocal logo. We have an approximate idea of ​​some specifications that are offered. And we know that he wants to combine Porsche-level performance with the benefits that make a Ford F-1

50 look like a Tonka. As it stands, however, everyone is still in the dark. Tesla has literally just released a few dark teaser images for the truck.

Pickups are currently the fastest growing segment in the US and tend to be sold at sky-high prices. Even with direct competition from established players (like Ford's new electric F-150) and newcomers (like Rivian), pickups can make a lot of money. Entering the market seems a breeze for Tesla, especially as the company continues to search for sustainable profitability.

Of course, nothing is easy when it comes to Tesla. Musk said in 2018 that he does not care if the futuristic design of the truck deters people, which is an interesting way to market a vehicle. However, he retired quickly and said that he would eventually bring gas and diesel vehicles from the road. In the same interview, Musk also said Tesla would even consider building a more conventional pickup in the future to reach a broader customer base.

In other words, Musk has proposed so many different ideas for the Tesla pickup Over the years, this Thursday night will at least provide the clarity you want. And despite Tesla's track record of missed deadlines and early production issues, the company's lead in electric vehicle technology has ensured that anything Musk reveals in evaluating the first electric pickup available on the market is used as a benchmark.

One of the few gloomy renderings of the cybertruck pickup.
Image: Tesla

Specifications and Price

One thing Musk has given a ballpark is the starting price of cyber-pressure. In June 2019, the CEO of Tesla announced that the truck would start at "less than $ 50,000", between the starting price of the Model 3 (currently $ 39,400) and the Model S (currently $ 79,990). Dollar). It's also about the same price as the long-haul version of the Model Y crossover SUV ($ 48,000), which will be delivered in late 2020, although Tesla is finally planning to sell a cheaper, shorter-range model for around $ 39,000.

"It must be a starting price of $ 49,000. Ideally less, "Musk said earlier this year about the truck." It just can not be unaffordable, it has to be affordable. "