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Tesla increases the Model S and Model X range and now reaches the maximum limit of 373 miles

Tesla has updated the S and X models and slightly expanded the top models.

During the Q3 earnings report from Tesla, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla has "mis-certified" the model S range:

"The base model S has a range of 370 miles at this point. Actually, it's 373, but we've wrongly certified it as 370, but it's 373. And there are some software improvements that we think will make it even better. "

In April, Tesla introduced new versions of the Model S and S Model X with new drives, improved suspension and a few more enhancements.

The Model S Long Range reached a record range of 370 miles and the Model X Long Range a range of 325 miles.

Now Tesla has updated the online design studios Model S and Model X to increase the reach of each model by 3 miles:

The reach has not been increased on the EPA website yet, but Tesla is advertising with the vehicles with the new series started

In addition to the new assortment certification Tesla is to increase also the achievement and range by optimization of the electric motor control.

During a conference call with analysts following Tesla's third quarter earnings in 201

9, Musk announced that further improvements are pending due to software updates:

I forgot to mention that we also expect an improvement over the air that will improve performance The models S, X and 3 will improve a few weeks. Due to the improved firmware, the performance improvement should be on the order of 5%.

According to Drew Baglino, VP of Technology at Tesla, possibilities for optimizing engine control were found. This should lead to an improvement of about 5% for all models 3 customers and 3% for Model S and Model X customers.

Musk also said that the upcoming update will also bring improvements in range, single-pedal driving, charging speed, comfort and feel.

Tesla started releasing a performance upgrade, but we expect more updates with the other upgrades mentioned by Tesla's management.

We will update when we get more details about the engine optimization updates.

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