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Tesla Introduces First Charging Station to Plug in – TechCrunch

Tesla today introduces a new home charging station designed for the modern home. The new wall connector is the automaker's first home-charging solution that can be plugged into a wall outlet instead of being firmly connected to the house's electrical system. This charger can be connected directly to a NEMA 14-50 plug – the most common high voltage plug in the US.

This is a departure from Tesla's earlier strategy, but it makes sense. With this wall connection, homeowners can install a high voltage charging system in a house without an electrician. Just plug it in.

The new Wall Connector offers a faster charging time than the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, which also offers a NEMA 1

4-50 connector. The new offering gives most Tesla vehicles up to 40 amps, while the Gen 2 Mobile Connector allows for 32 amps. The hardwired wall connection from Tesla charges even faster. Tesla clearly sees the new product to live between the two previous chargers: It's faster and looks cleaner than the mobile connector, but slower, but at a lower overall cost than the hardwired solution is in-line with other EV home solutions , It comes with a 24-foot cable and is only available in silver.

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