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Tesla Introduces New Incentives for Employees to Buy Cars and Take Part in the Autopilot Hardware 3 Testing Program

Tesla tries to kill two birds with one stone as new incentives are created to deliver more vehicles by the end of the year and to hire more people for their new Autopilot Hardware 3 testing program.

Earlier this year, Tesla sought out "hundreds of employees" to test its complete self-drive system and offer free autopilot upgrades with new purchases.

The automaker equips the participants' vehicles with the new Hardware 3 computer to test the self-propelled system.

Earlier this week, we reported that Tesla had again sought more participants in the program.

The following day, Musk once again engaged with the staff to encourage them to talk more about ordering a car by the end of the year.

He wrote in a separate e-mail to the staff on Friday:

"Important point I forgot to mention is that, since only premium interior is available for model 3, the premiums for The interior costs of 5,000 USD are canceled For those who have already ordered under the FSD program, Tesla will redeem the discount.

In addition to the complimentary Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving package that they have already offered, it offers a total of $ 1

3,000 to employees who rarely receive discounts on Tesla vehicles.

In addition, Musk told his employees that they could even spend a purchased time buying a vehicle.

Like all the latest customer incentives, Musk emphasized that these incentives for employees are only available until the end of the year as part of the Full Self-Driving Test Program.

Electrek's Take

It seems like Tesla has actually been struggling to attract people to this program for months.

It's understandable that not many Tesla employees can actually afford Tesla vehicles, but now it's a great opportunity for many of them.

As Musk point In the email, the Model 3 with mid-range battery pack employees in California will cost only $ 30,200 for state and local incentives.

This is an extremely attractive deal, and as we have already reported, Tesla still has a mid-range model of 3 inventory vehicles to be delivered by the end of the year, and it now looks as though it were being sent to employees would be directed to sell them.

To be fair, it's also a good deal for Tesla, who is trying to get valuable feedback while having the full self-drive testing program.

Although the value of the discount is of considerable value, employees commit to driving for hours and giving feedback, which is difficult to rate, but it must be worth a lot.

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