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Tesla Launches Model 3 Test Rides for Reservation Owners in Europe

After nearly 3 years of waiting, Tesla Reservation Owners of the Model 3 in Europe now have the first opportunity to drive the vehicle before the start of deliveries.

Currently, two cargo ships with model to Europe 3 vehicles for the European delivery condition.

In the last week, however, several Model 3 vehicles were discovered in Europe.

It seems that these vehicles are used in many markets for test drives. [19659003ElectrekerhasreceivedseveralreportsofreservationholdersofModel3inmanyEuropeanmarketsthatwereinvitedbyTeslazurtouringwiththenewvehicles

Here is an invitation from Tesla sent to reservation holders in Switzerland (via Luzi Brother):

Tesla is apparently building a test fleet across Europe and sending invitations to almost all European markets ̵

1; though the invitations apparently restricted to reservation holders.

There is a similar rollout of Tesla in the North American market last year.

As we reported earlier, Tesla received nearly 14,000 orders for the Model 3 in Europe earlier this month. This only applies to reservation holders, and the number is expected to continue to increase since Tesla has now released public Model 3 orders in Europe and China.

Earlier this week, Tesla received the European homologation for Model 3, and the first two deliveries are expected to arrive in Norway and Belgium in the next one or two weeks.

Deliveries should follow swiftly, and Tesla is expected to take several weeks to work through the backlog of reservation holders before completing public procurement in March.

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