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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are being tested by the police

Electric vehicles, and especially Tesla vehicles, are now on the radars of the police departments wanting to update their fleet. The Tesla Model 3 is already in use, and now even the Model Y is being tested at a police station in Pennsylvania.

Only one test drive is required … and the numbers are checked.

The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office announced that they have tested a Model 3 to see if they should add Tesla vehicles to their fleet 3 * in the hope that we will add Teslas to our fleet can. We have always been aware of the environment and recognized the importance of reducing our carbon footprint while providing the best public service to the citizens of Allegheny County. "

It seems like things went well, because now they say when they crunch If the number of Tesla vehicles is affordable and inexpensive (not sure what the difference is), they will try to add it to their fleet Add:

"If we can ensure that these vehicles are affordable and cost-effective, the Sheriff's Office will be very seriously concerned with putting energy-efficient Y-models on the road. "

You even mentioned directly the model Y, which is still in the market launch and represents a larger version of the hatchback 3-model.

] While the model Y has not yet been proven, some police departments have already cracked the numbers for the Model 3 as a patrol car.

Earlier this year, the Bargersville, Indiana Police Department began updating their fleet on Tesla Model 3 vehicles.

When it comes to power, this is not a problem compared to the Dodge chargers that replace them. They drove a Model 3 Standard Range Plus which, while not the most powerful version of the car, is still fast. With a range of 240 miles, it exceeds the average daily mileage of a patrol car that ranges between 80 miles and 80 miles, far exceeding 1

20 miles per day.

In terms of cost, Model 3 is the clear winner. The Standard Range Plus version they buy is slightly more expensive than the charger at $ 41,000. However, they expect gas savings of around $ 6,000 a year, which means the Model 3 will almost pay for itself over its lifetime (at six years old) as a police vehicle).

They Also Expect Significant Maintenance Cost Savings on the Model 3.

Electrek's Take

Every police department, and indeed every fleet manager, should probably look at electric vehicles to bring their fleet up to date.

For the police, the Model 3 seems to make the most sense, measured in terms of performance and costs. However, I can understand why the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office is interested in Model Y.

It offers a bit more space and you need to retrofit these vehicles with a considerable amount of equipment.

Tesla vehicles may also be particularly interesting for the Sentry Mode feature and the integrated Tesla Dashcam.

I'm sure they have different features There are different standards for law enforcement recording systems, but Tesla could potentially develop a version of these features specifically for law enforcement agencies.

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