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Tesla Model 3 cheaper than Honda Accord … Gas car dealers in Norway are suffering from … New BYD electric vehicles – #CleanTechnica Top 20

. 3 June 2019 by Zachary Shahan

The 20 most popular CleanTechnica articles of the month of May are listed in the following list. First, however, I would like to highlight some of my favorites.

Well, number one in the top 20 may be my favorite, but I wrote it, so I'm biased. It is a cost comparison between the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and several Honda Accord fairings. Guess who wins.

I'm a big fan of these cost comparisons and give gigantic props:

Kyle Field, Chanan Bos and I enjoyed it a lot I suggest that anyone who are interested in Tesla, dive into this first article to discover some of the nuggets we have uncovered.

Chanan also released our third YouTube video section

Vijay's intense dive at Tesla Insurance was also a gem.

Jumping to non-Tesla electric vehicles was an absolute must. I found Jennifer Sensiba's journalistic work on a used EV dealership in Arizona very intriguing.

Maarten Vinkhuyzen's insight into the Volkswagen Group's MEB platform is valuable reading if you want to better understand the world's EV approach, the largest (or second largest) automaker to be number 1 in electric vehicles by the mid-2020s should.

In connection with the impetuous Volkswagen Group, some scientists have given us a deterrent reduction of Audi claims regarding ultra-fast charging. The end result … well, if you have not already read that, you have to.

On the positive side, Volkswagen revealed half of its exciting electric car ID.3. Maarten had a great explanation of how the ID.3 Tesla helps, while Max Holland explained how the ID.3 falls again. A bit too short for Tesla to recharge.

In the rating category for non-Tesla EV, we had tremendous ratings of:

I found Jesper Berggreen's explanation of Danish politics particularly interesting. Granted, I'm not sure how many of us need to be familiar with Danish politics, but I still recommend the interesting and entertaining reading.

Chanan Bos and I had a fun, long interview with Zac of Now You Know – mostly talking about Tesla. If you're a Tesla fan, I think the podcast should contain a lot.

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Okay, here we are back On Tesla, it's time to give Vijay Govindan some great props for his original, creative analysis of the different solutions that Tesla Network can provide.

I was a little bit confused about how much attention was given to Adam Jonas by Morgan Stanley in essence No new information and a completely useless Tesla [TSLA] price target range, so I was upset about it. I think anyone who is ever interested in this topic should read my play.

I also wrote about the fact that sales of Tesla have increased from ~ 20,000 a year in 2013 to 20,000-30,000 a month in 2019 (though many people claimed this would be impossible to achieve), but the share price of Tesla is about the same. Again, I think everyone should read my analysis.

As always I am a fan of EV sales reports, so I recommend Jose Pontes – Reports on German EV sales, Chinese EV sales and European EV sales, Dutch EV sales and French EV sales.

In the pure fun camp you have to look at this "Honda Civic".

I've jotted down some other favorites from the last week of the month, so I'll repeat the remainder of my commentary from there:

Well, Michael Grinshpun's article on media history about Tesla in the Comparing to the facts could be one of my favorite contributions, but his contribution on Tesla Also the order rates and the worldwide interest in Tesla are high.

I always like a good price comparison, and Max Holland has made it for the Tesla Model 3 compared to the luxury car rivals in China. Vijay Govindan also had a similar article for Germany, which essentially shows the same story.

Regarding Europe, I think that Maarten Vinkhuyzen's article on Tesla's sales approach on the old continent was excellent. I look forward to Tesla expanding its network as required by this article.

When I jumped to the fanciful, I could not skip over in my article that Tesla Unicorns or Jennifer Sensiba's time was hidden as a $ TSLAQ Twitter troll.

Back to the cost, Steve Sasman has provided a large portion of his costs for owning a Tesla Model S for [1945901] 200,000 [1945904] miles.

If you have not noticed so far, one thing I really love is diagrams. Here are three of my favorite articles with charts (not just last week, but ever before):

Well, finally here's the list of Die 20 CleanTechnica -Stories scoring the most clicks in May:

  1. Tesla Model 3 cheaper than Honda Accord – 15 cost comparisons [Updated] – CleanTechnica Report
  2. Skyrocketing Tesla's Sales Force Mercedes Dealer In Norway before a Kodak moment
  3. 6 BYD electric vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019
  4. The cost of owning a Tesla after 200,000 miles
  5. Audi corrects: Tesla Model 3 is charged twice faster than Audi e-tron – CleanTechnica Report
  6. The Tesla Media Story Is Wrong, Facts Say Something Else – CleanTechnica Review
  7. Tesla adds the ability to "keep the summer safe" and skips all the unorden Real Laser
  8. Electric Car Driver and Potential Driver – Chime In! – CleanTechnica Review
  9. Tesla thanks VW
  10. Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, Audi, and Infiniti slump in US in April – CleanTechnica Report
  11. Tesla Lowers Leasing Cost for Model 3 – $ 399 a month!
  12. Perovskite solar cell fever reaches fever
  13. The rumor mill is in full swing – GM / Ford merger on the horizon? And what about Tesla?
  14. Air pollution is slowly killing us all, claims a new global study
  15. Tesla Model 3 rewrites the rules as a sports sedan may be Motor Trend reflects
  16. Why Tesla terrifies the legacy players
  17. Some thoughts on Elon Musk's e-mails to employees – and the reaction of media and Wall Street
  18. Another "Tesla killer" is missing in action – The Volkswagen Group falls short (charts!) – CleanTechnica report
  19. Jaguar I-PACE, Audi e-tron, Mercedes EQC – Disasters on Highways
  20. Tesla Model 3 = third bestselling vehicle in California in Q1 – CleanTechnica Review


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