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Tesla Model 3 prepares for Norwegian record for most EV sales in a month

 Model 3s in Norway

Published on March 18, 2019 |
by Steve Hanley

18th. March 2019 by Steve Hanley

  Model 3s in Norway "srcset =" https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/ Model-3s-on-dock-in-Norway-Youtube. png 697w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Model-3s-on-dock-in-Norway-Youtube-270x117.png 270w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/ Model-3s-on-dock-in-Norway-Youtube-570x247.png 570w "Sizes =" (max width: 697px) 100vw, 697px

In In March 2018, Nissan sold 2,172 new LEAF electric cars and 216 used LEAFS setting a new record for electric cars sold in Norway within one month (2,388 cars). Since 14 March 2019, Norwegian electric car statistics have been registered in Norway with 1,613 Tesla Model 3 vehicles. If you extrapolate these numbers for the entire month of March – which has 31 days, as we all remember to the elementary school – the Model 3 is well on the way to selling more than 3,000 cars this month, which shatters the old record.

  Tesla Model 3 Norway March 2019 "width =" 477 "height =" 326 "srcset =" https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Screenshot-2019-03-17-at-7.54.23 -PM.png 477w, https://cleantechnica.com/files/2019/03/Screenshot-2019-03-17-at-7.54.23-PM-270x185.png 270w "Sizes =" (maximum width: 477px) 100VW, 477PX

Credit: Electric Car Statistics Norway

As always, Tesla is short of sales, but if the registration information is correct, the Model 3 will be not only the best-selling new electric car in Norway in March, but the bestsellers of all kinds in the country. Consider it. In February, the Volkswagen Golf was the best-selling car in Norway with 868 new registrations. Since its sale in February, the Tesla Model 3 has sold a total of 2,398 cars in Norway.

More Cars On The Way

Norwegian news source Nettavisen has asked Tesla to confirm the statistics However, it has been said that the company will not comment on the sales unless it is fully geared to the delivery of cars to customers. This is in line with a video on YouTube recently downloaded by Tesla superfan Bjorn Nyland from a Model 3 shipload in Norway.

Nyland points out that most cars are black – the most cost-effective paint job – with a few finished cars in red and white, which costs extra. He adds that currently only the more expensive long-haul and performance models are available for the European market.

If the demand for first-class vehicles is so great, what will it look like if the base model, with a price of $ 35,000, becomes available, he asks? That's an excellent question. As things develop, there could be a month in the near future in which all new cars sold in Norway Tesla!

Are Sind Hansen, who heads the Norwegian office of CleanTechnica.

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