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Tesla puts new Model 3 inventory online for browsing and 'immediate' delivery

Tesla's inventory of new models is now available for delivery within a few days.

Typically , Tesla uses a "reservation" system to buy a car, then allows buyers to pick up the options. Due to this system, there's often lead time to buy a Tesla.

Once production numbers get higher, this usually reduces down to a lag time of a few weeks between configuration and delivery. But for some buyers, that's just not nearly enough.

So Tesla started leasing customers with much shorter delivery timelines. Depending on the car is local, it can be delivered in a few days or less. Tesla was able to build it, and so did Tesla sales personnel.

Tesla sales personnel. A buyer would configure a car, then if they were willing to wait for them in a car sooner, an employee could check on a shorter timeline. Soon Tesla has decided to go with Model S and X.

Until today, this model is only available for Model 3, but Tesla's new inventory is available for anyone to browse online. Cars are only appearing in some geos like California.

Electrek's Take

One of the nice things about Tesla's inventory cars is that occasionally one can snag a "deal." Tesla often states that they do not like discounts traditional car dealers (though recent wild price changes belie that assertion). But for cars which serve as a floor model, as test drive cars, or otherwise use in Tesla's fleet, it would be reasonable to pay a full price. So Tesla applies standard price reductions based on mileage and time in the fleet, which can result in "deals" for buyers who do not mind lightly-used inventory cars.

While we do not have that yet for the Model 3 ̵

1; none of the vehicles could be any better than that.

So, depending on what happens with the Standard Range Model 3, this might be one of few ways to get your hands on one. While Tesla says they are taking "off-menu orders for standard range cars, we do not know how long that will last.

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