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Tesla returns Free Unlimited Supercharging

According to reports, Tesla is looking for additional sales for the S and X inventory before the hardware update.

Manuel Carrillo III / Roadshow

Did you bother waiting too long to buy a Tesla and missed it with Free Unlimited Supercharging ? According to a report by Electrek on Tuesday, you have another chance.

What's the catch? Well, Tesla is returning its free, unlimited Supercharging promotion, but only for models S models and Model X in inventory, available before the hardware update. What does that mean? Usually this means there is no Model 370 Mileage S or Model X 325 Mileage Range. It also means you miss out on other minor hardware changes, such as the 200kW charge and the new adaptive suspension ̵

1; oh, and the decent performance boost of the new engines.

Also unlike other incarnations of action The version of Free Unlimited Supercharging is not transferable. This means that you can not use it as a sales function when you launch your S or X model.

Tesla has also set the prices for these new models with older specifications. A fair bit less than the updated models, with a model S 100D ahead of the 2019 update for $ 77,900 before incentives and a model after the update in the same size from $ 85,000. Also does not contain the company's so-called Full Self-Driving hardware.

Is it worth it to buy the older model for free charging?

Well, it all depends on how you use your hardware car. If you – like most people – charge your car overnight with a Level 2 system at home, this is not the case. If you use Supercharger Stations on a regular basis to replenish your balance because you do not have reliable access to Level 2 overnight charging, this may be the case.

Tesla did not immediately respond to the request from Roadshow for a comment.

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