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Tesla Sentry Mode purposely attacks model 3, arresting vandalism

An owner of Tesla Model 3 thanks Sentry Mode's video recording capabilities after catching a shocking act of vandalism against his electric car. As seen in security footage, a woman secretly but aggressively squeezed the Model 3 as she led her children into a Dodge Journey SUV, resulting in deep scratches on the body parts of the vehicle.

A short excerpt of the incident was posted on YouTube by Rafael. Teslatino "Santoni, who in a conversation with Teslarati stated that the incident definitely seemed deliberate, the model 3 The owner could not determine the motivation of the lady for the attack. The damage caused by the incident was estimated by a third-party body shop to cost $ 900.

Fortunately for the owner of the Model 3, the material from Sentry Mode was able to capture the entire incident and showed a clear shot of the woman's face. Once her identity had been established, the attack was reported immediately to the police, who subsequently arrested the woman Vandalism charges arrested. It remains to be seen whether she will have to pay for the damage she has done to the Model 3. Perhaps more notably, the Tesla owner seemed to suspect that his vehicle would be embarrassed. One day before the attack, the owner of the Model 3 found a small but worrying scratch on his car that caused him to storm into a store to buy a 32GB memory stick. When he parked his car on a Friday, he made sure the Sentry mode was active. As it turned out, the intuition of the Tesla owner was right.

Tesla's Sentry mode uses the camera suite of electric cars to record around the vehicle. Once activated, the Sentry mode goes into standby mode, monitoring the environment of the electric car. This is followed by the alarm condition in which the vehicle displays a warning on its screen indicating that footage is being recorded. In the event of a break-in, the Sentry mode will enter the alarm state, where the music is blown at maximum volume while the lights of the vehicle are turned on to attract attention.

While Tesla's electric vehicles are notable for their technology and performance, they remain polarizing for some groups of people. There have been attacks on Tesla in the past, including a Model 3 road accident that led to an immediate karma crash, and an unfortunate incident involving vandals and a supercharger. Some owners of electric vehicles have been victims of colloquially referred to as ICE-ing acts relating to gas cars (intentional or unintentional) that block access to charging stations.

Watch a vandal attack on a Tesla Model 3 in the following video

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