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Tesla Supercharger sabotaged – most recently in a series of weird incidents against Tesla

Recently, we've been reporting a series of weird incidents against Tesla on Supercharger stations in the US, and it seems we have another one since a supercharger was vandalized in Utah.

Mark Larsen, a Tesla Model 3 owner in Utah, yesterday read in a forum that Tesla's Supercharger station in St. George, Utah, may have been vandalized, so he went to check out.

He reported on Twitter ]:

"The bastards tried to cut off a cable and decided instead to drill all the plugs. Units 1

A, 4A and 4B do not work. others do, but just yet. I hope the surveillance cameras have picked up the assholes.

He shared some pictures of the damage to the Tesla Supercharger Station (pictures from Mark Larsen) :

During Larsen says that if the chargers are still functioning, Tesla recommends Do not use a charging station if you can detect damage to it.

This is not the first time a Tesla Supercharger has been attacked by saboteurs.

A A few years ago, a Tesla supercharger was sabotaged on an important route, just before the holidays, when the charging stations were in high demand.

Recently, several pickup truck drivers have conquered Tesla supercharger stations in apparent protests

They also displayed aggressive behavior towards Tesla owners who want to file a lawsuit, but otherwise it is not illegal to station to block outside some states that have implemented regulations An innovative way to avoid "ICEing" superchargers of gasoline vehicles.

In this case, harm to a foreign property in Utah is "criminal mischief" and can be prosecuted as a crime or offense.

If the damage exceeds $ 1,000, which is likely to, since it is a third-degree crime, and a Vandal may be subject to second-order charges if the damage exceeds $ 5,000, which is a possibility in this case represents.

High performance cables and connectors are quite expensive

Electreks Take

Come on, it's going crazy. The pickup truck driver and now that?

At a time when a number of high-performance charging stations are being shut down due to a security issue with a cable supplier, are we also worried that people are sabotaging charging stations? [19659003] I wonder if this will attract more attention.

Older people will remember in the early 2000s, when a self-proclaimed group of anti-fossil "activists" set a lobster truck on fire and burned a lobster dealer.

It received national attention and the FBI even called it a "terrorist terrorist supreme threat".

I admit that this may not be at the same level of vandalism here, but it looks like it's going to rise so far. Will we see this anti-tesla stuff taken seriously?

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