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Tesla wants to prevent break-ins with music and "Rick and Morty" Easter Egg

Tesla has recently become more concerned about safety after their vehicles appear to have been targeted in a continuing series of Bay Area collapses.

CEO Elon Musk promises a "Sentry Mode" and he has promised this now adds a musical twist and a & # 39; Rick and Morty & # 39; Added Easter egg.

Last year, Tesla introduced its wireless dashcam feature with an autopilot camera, but the system has many limitations, such as only the front camera.

Musk has talked about allowing the use of more autopilot cameras and have a park mode.

Last week, Musk said it would come soon, referring to the new 360 ° SLS surveillance function as Tesla's "Sentry Mode".

Last night, the CEO said this One Tesla discovering a theft would bust Bocca's Toccata and Fugue, a famous organ piece commonly used in horror movies:

Musk also said that they could also use "keep buzzer safe" what to refer to a scene in the popular animation show is Rick and Morty where the AI ​​of a vehicle goes on a killer spree to protect its occupants:

Tesla is known for incorporating Easter eggs into its vehicle software, but it sounds like Musk is also serious about using audio as part of its security system.

In recent months, Tesla vehicles have suffered a series of burglaries and owners have attempted to find solutions.

Last month, Tesla began offering and installing a new, improved anti-theft system that would prevent such intrusions, but currently available only for Model S and Model X models.

Model 3 is also affected by the burglaries.

Tesla Sentry Mode & # 39; could possibly help prevent these burglaries, and Musk said it'll appear in all vehicles with Autopilot 2.0+ hardware.

The CEO says that Tesla will seek a "beta version" the next moment. "2 to 3 weeks."

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