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Texans at Jets Final score, snack: Houston's stars can carry them to the first round and beyond

People were wondering about the Texans this season and were curious as to whether a team with so many question marks could make a legitimate run in the AFC. It turns out that if you have a star-studded squad that can stay healthy like the Texans, anything is possible. Maybe even a first round.

The Texans are now 10-4 and hold second place in the AFC after beating the Jets 29-22 on Saturday. A loss of the Patriots to the Steelers in a game that you can stream with CBS All Access or fuboTV (Try for Free) would put the Texans in a good position to secure a first round and get them for a playoff run prepare.

The Texans are in for a first round because of their star power, which was fully used against the jets. Nobody had a bigger night than DeAndre Hopkins, who was released from the shackles of the bad quarterback and exploded for 1

70 yards and two touchdowns. The second was the playful score for Houston.

The Jets inexplicably refused to throw more than a single report from Mo Claiborne on Hopkins. It's really strange that Todd Bowles believes the Texans could target anyone else in such a critical situation. The world receiver ran free all night, winning jump balls in one-to-one situations.

Of course, he got passes from Deshaun Watson, the quarterback, who finally gives the Texans a real franchise signaler. But this combination makes the Texans in the postseason dangerous.

Defensive is the duo of J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney showed off great – the star pair for three sacks at night – and put Watson and Hopkins on the defensive Yang offensive. Watt came up early with a huge sack and Clowney basically sealed the game with a sack in third place. They spent most of the evening pressurizing Sam Darnold, and they have the opportunity to play a game with the pressure they can muster on a quarterback.

We still believe that the Texans will stop making profits. The competition gets tougher as the postseason begins. But the Houston has the star power to run.

Darnold is the Truth

The jets are struck by the loss, but it's hard not to be enthusiastic about what Sam Darnold has done in the past two weeks. With New York falling 16: 3 in the second quarter, the jets looked hopelessly beaten. Then Darnold took over.

He led a nine-time 83 yards, which led to a short touchdown pass to Robby Anderson and kept the jets in the game. He opened the third quarter with an eighty-minute, 60-meter ride that led to an Andre Roberts score that would have given the jets the lead if Jason Meyers could score an extra point.

On the two half-time drives Darnold drove for 99 yards and a pair of touchdowns and 10 rushing yards with 8 out of 9 points. He moved, threw himself on the run, put balls in narrow windows, and generally did not look like a beginner.

After a Texas field goal, Darnold took the lead in New York, passing 15 yards for 73 yards, which ended with a two-meter touchdown run by Elijah McGuire. He went 4 for 7 on this ride and showed more of the same characteristics.

If you're a jets fan, the loss should not hurt, because there's obviously one man who can act as a potential star quarterback. The franchise needs to figure out how to put pieces around it – maybe in the first round it pulls in a broad receiver or maybe it's a lot of money for Le Veon Bell – and he desperately needs better protection, because for much of that He just did not have time in the bag against Houston.

But there was enough there to rejoice where the jets for the long haul are at the quarterback's position, even though there are still many questions to answer. 19659008] Questionable Coaching

I've never seen anything similar that developed late in the fourth quarter when the jets tried to cross the field. In a short third down the Jets Trenton Cannon ran in the middle. It looked as if it might have been stopped, and although it was piled up on some of the bodies, the referees whistled and controlled the pipe. Everyone assumed the jets would challenge (there was a good chance they would win it), but sprinted to the line and tried to play a game. Before they could – and it looked as if the piece would fail – Bill O'Brien called Timeout for the Texans.

What? Yes, O & # 39; Brien gave the jets about 42 angles to see what happened at the game and the challenge. And the jets still did not demand! They saw all corners and still refused to challenge the game. The fact that Darnold caught a pass that Robby Anderson caught for the first time does not justify the bad decisions.

Impact on the Playoffs

The Texans can win the AFC South if both the Titans and the Colts lose on Sunday. The Titans play the Giants on the street and Indy houses the Cowboys.

What's next?

For the Texans, they are on the way to a second straight-road game and an opportunity to follow a Bye when they play in Philadelphia against the Eagles in Week 16. When the Patriots lost to the Steelers on Sunday, Houston was in the driver's seat to land the farewell.

The Jets will try to develop Darnold with another home game, this time against the Packers, who have a pretty questionable defense. Darnold Vs. Rodgers could be a deceitful joke.

You can relive our live coverage of the action described below.

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