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Texas Bump Stock Maker Holds Production Amid Las Vegas Massacre Game | politics

Slide Fire has encouraged opposition to the ban. Earlier this month, the company released a video of "The Gun Collective" on Facebook protesting against the impending "excessive demand" of the federal government.

"ATF will make you retroactively a criminal if you own a bumpstock," the video says. "This is obviously a huge problem."

But the owner of Slide Fire, Jeremiah Cottle, stayed away from the debate and kept away from the press. In October, Cottle told The Dallas Morning News he was encouraged by the support he received from Moran residents.

When his business had to close, Cottle said, "It would hurt the whole city, the school" We pay a very large amount of property taxes. I'm one of the largest companies in Shackelford County. "

Moran had 270 inhabitants in the last census, and at its peak, Slide Fire employed 27 people-one-tenth of the city's population.

ATF estimates that 1

, Their proposal does not include compensation for owners or manufacturers.

After the end of the comment period at the end of June, the Agency reviews the comments, which will then be finalized by the Office of Information

ATF's first draft of a proposed ban attracted 100,000 comments, of which 85 percent were against the idea, according to an analysis by The Trace, a weapons news agency 15,000 people have so far commented on the Agency's most recent draft.

ATF has reported that 2,881 retailers and two manufacturers would be affected. The proposal is expected to cost industry, the public and the government more than $ 200 million in lost production and sales over 10 years. But, the agency says, destroying smuggled goods is pretty easy.

"Since the majority of bump-stick devices are made of plastic material, people who want to destroy the devices themselves could simply use a hammer to break the devices apart and throw the pieces away," suggests ATF ,

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