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Texas Daddy's hilarious reaction to the announcement of the fourth baby

DENTON, Texas – Video of a Denton father's reaction to his wife's announcement of his fourth baby becoming viral,

Jahann Brown Stewart posted the video on her Facebook page, and it has since more than 17 reaches millions of views.

She put the pregnancy test on her drink and asked her husband, Charles Stewart, to bring it to her in the living room, where they both watched TV.

As soon as Charlie realizes what he is looking at, he asks Jahann where she has taken the test.

"Did you get that from a joke shop?" he asks.

Jahnn is convinced that this is really the real life, and they expect a new addition to their growing family.

You can see the full reaction video below:

[19659002] The two celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday, the same day Jahann published her husband's reaction

WFAA sat down with them at her home in Denton, where Jahann runs a daycare center to find out more.

"I'm coming out again, I'm like, 'Okay, I have to get a beer," recalls Charles. "I'm like," she rips me. "

They never thought his reaction would become viral."

"I woke up on Sunday morning, and it was millions, and I thought," Stop it, "Charles laughed.

The Stewarts are in their late 30s and have three other children aged 15, 10 and 6 years.

"Oh my god, please let this test be for my mother or something!" Charles said. "Oh my god, my goals! I'll be 40 soon! What's with my convertible? I'll be 40 with a toddler!"

While Charles hoped to get a convertible when he turns 40 in two years, he has to settle for a minivan instead.

Originally from New Orleans, they moved to Denton after Hurricane Katrina.

"It takes the stress out of life when you have a partner who makes you laugh like he does," Jahann said.

The couple says they received so many requests for more posts. You have created your own YouTube channel. You can watch her videos here.

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