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Tfue and Cloakzy win the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Grand Finals

FaZe Pro Duo Tfue and Cloakzy have won the Grand Finals of Fortnite Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon

Pate1k and Domentos have won the first match in a conservative manner. Pate1k simply sat up by the campfire and healed himself. Down below, Cloakzy fought a series of duos as the circle approached. The storm picked up the final kill for Pate1k when the circle was completely closed.

Tfue was eliminated early, but Cloakzy picked six eliminations on his own. The FaZe duo led the ranking after a match, thanks to their second place and the knockout bonus.

Match Two was another slow affair and 60 players still lived in a tiny playoff circle. But the traffic jam and the storm damage finally got things going.

This time it was Pate1

k's partner Domentos, who wins the Victory Royale back-to-back with a shotgun elimination.

After two matches, Domentos and Pate1k were the first overall with Cloakzy and Tfue in a demonstration of elimination vs. placement value.

Three in a row for the Europeans would not happen as Tfue and Cloakzy picked up their first Victory Royale in Match 3.

Tfue and Cloakzy sit in one After a total of three matches, it is a comfortable lead thanks to the 17 eliminations.

Match 4 was a failure as most players focused on placements over eliminations. There were hardly any weapons in the last fights, since the storm was the most effective damage dealer.

The liquid professional duo of Chap and 72 hours was one of the few teams that came into existence from the bottom up 10 minutes after a four-point match

The controller NICKMERCS and Ghost Aydan brought the Crowded in Match 5 and rarely showed early aggression. Despite nine top placings, they claimed nine eliminations altogether.

The Storm picked up the last kill in Match 5. Hero Ronin and JDW won after surviving a player who made a campfire outside the circle

Tfue and Cloakzy went into the sixth game, led by the worse team that won the fourth and fifth games. The rest of the field had to pick up the eliminations early and often to fill the gap.

The extra pressure created a more exciting game as eliminations and battles took place more frequently. Zexrow and vinny1x had a monster performance and brought Victory Royale with 8 eliminations for a 7 point game.

But it was not enough to defeat Tfue and Cloakzy, whose performance in the first three matches was too much. Cloakzy was the player of the tournament, which ended with 22 eliminations itself.

The finals for the Fortnite Fall skirmish can be seen below.

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