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Tfue explains why he no longer "fucks" with Cloak after losing $ 140,000

Turner & # 39; Tfue & # 39; Tenney has a difficult point in his relationship with the Fortnite superstars Dennis & # 39; Cloak & # 39; Lepore and Thomas & # 39; 72hrs & # 39; Mulligan arrives after losing a large part of his money.

When you think of close duels in Fortnite, the first pair to come up with is the combination of Tfue and Cloak, which many have venerated as their dream team tandem.

Unfortunately, it seems that their time as a duo may have ended prematurely, due to some confusion that caused Tfue to lose a significant amount of money.

On September 7, he announced that he was no longer part of this trio that had done so. I joined Fortnite's weekly Trios tournaments together last month.

"Looking for a new permanent trio that takes the competition seriously," he tweeted, surprising many with the unexpected news.

When Tfue was asked about it during his stream, he said that his decision Apparently from Cloak and 72hrs He cost him a lot of money with his decision to make 20 advertising streams for Madden.

He announced that he had refused to stream when EA Sports approached him, and rejected $ 140,000 to help them enter the trio tournament. But later it turned out that the other two players had accepted their own deals without informing him.

"So they do a sponsored stream for Madden, and they get paid, and it's this weekend," he explained. "Madden offered me over $ 140,000 to play their game and I declined because I thought we were going to play the tournament this weekend and they accepted the offer without telling me the last second."

As a result, the former FaZe Clan star remained suspended, as he could not play the Fortnite tournament, nor could he direct the ad for Madden and earn a mere $ 140,000. Incidentally, this amount is the price that Cloak and 72hrs must pay him if they want him to return to their trio. Until then he sounded as if he really did not want to have much to do with either of them.

"So now I'm traveling over $ 140,000 because I thought we were practicing, and now I'm here, if they want to pay me the money I lost then I'm down, but unlike me not really fucking with them "

Cloak – Twitter

Tfue and Cloak have long been a duo, and their climax is reached at the Autumn Skirmish Final at TwitchCon 2018 real question whether Tfue actually requires Cloak and 72hrs to pay him the money.

This situation is also a bit tricky because the two former FaZe pros were briefly gathered, so there is also uncertainty about how it all works together, even though it looks like they are alone for the time being.

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