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Compete for the FA Cup “Chelsea vs. Arsenal” The last chance for the big guns.

Football match for the FA Cup “Chelsea vs. Arsenal” tonight at 11:30 p.m. The last chance for “Big Guns” to win tickets for the European Cup.

Tonight (August 1, 63) at 11:30 p.m. There is a competition in Thai times.FA Cup Great Britain Endgame At Wembley between “Indigo Navy Lions” Chelsea Meet with “Cannon” arsenal

This game definitely has to drip. Is a measure of the intelligence of young team manager Miguel Arteta, who has just commanded the armyarsenalTotally with the artillery team in late 2019, with Chelsea led by manager “Frank Lampard”, who with Chelsea wins the UEFA Champions League ticket in the Premier League final.

Count the statistics of both team managers, Arteta has experienced the championship.FA CupAlready twice, as a footballer for Asenol and Lampard, he experienced the championship in shirt colors.ChelseaHas come 4 times and this will be her first team manager championship

A look back at the Premier League rankings Chelsea finished fourth and got the ticket to the fight in the UEFA Champions League, while Arsenal finished 8th in the European club. Therefore, the FA Cup championship “is the last chance for the big guns to show their pace in Europe next season, because that means enormous income from European games

Statistics of the two teams that met in the Premier League last season, Chelsea can attack better, win 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium and win 2-1 on Stamford Bridge.

Arsenal and Chelsea have faced each other twice in terms of the statistics of the FA Cup finals. The first was the 2002 final. The Cannon team won the match with a 2-0 win from Ray Parler’s door against Georg Lungberg. In this game, Lampard also made a central game for Chelsea.

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For the second time in 2017, Arsenal is angry with Chelsea again. After Alexis Sanchez’s 2-1 win, shooting for the cannon team from the 4th minute, Diego Costa followed Chelsea’s rival in the 76th minute, but after only 3 minutes Aaron Ramsey defeated Arsenal and won for the 13th time in the history of this program the FA Cup.

Meeting tonight So that’s the 3rd FA Cup final between Arsenal – Chelsea. How will the results come out? I will know.

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