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Do not go! “Thanathorn” withdrew into a slave. It is not fair to suggest that Big Du gives power back. People’s anger rose again.

Do not go! “Thanathorn” withdrew into a slave. It’s not fair to suggest that Big Du is giving power back. People’s anger rose again.

On September 19, the atmosphere reporter Thammasat coalition groups and gatherings Under the activity name “September 19, return power to return people” later at 8:00 pm in Sanam Luang side of the city pillar shrine Mr. Thanathorn Chuengroongruangkit President of the Progress Committee said Today’s rally is a hopeful rally for change that will make society and the country more democratic and better. He felt that the people who came here showed solidarity. Stand up and fight with others you fight with He is very proud to be part of the popular movement today.

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At the request of reporters When the police intercept the audio system and assembly equipment including the documents that are being brought together today, Mr Thanathorn said he viewed this with concern. Because if the government sincerely solves political problems and solves the constitution, the first and easiest thing to do is stop threatening people. Either sending people to threaten the family or to bring charges. If you must sincerely stop, this is the first point that if you don̵

7;t stop pestering people, they will be insincere in the constitutional amendment. He considered a change in the constitution to be very unlikely. For the entry into the amendment of section 256 is the first section that will lead to the establishment of the constituent assembly (senator) directly elected by the people.

Retreat into slavery

Mr. Thanathorn continued During 88 years of change of government since 1932 people never had the power to write their own constitution. The opposition coalition’s draft would have 200 MPs from the public elections.

“I don’t believe that the elite and privileged people of this country allow people to appoint their own representative to draw up the Constitution If we withdraw today or stop moving or stop regaining our rights and freedoms We will continue to be deprived of our freedoms. We will continue to be oppressed. I saw that we could not stop the pressure rally. Demand the government’s sincerity to amend the Constitution I don’t think he’s sincere. And I don’t think they’ll solve the problem. There is only one way: to show the power of the people. Before It’s Too Late Make another loud noise when you refuse to let people’s anger ring again.Said Mr. Thanathorn

Retreat into slavery

When asked if Mr. Thanathorn became a target That was behind the rally Do you have any concerns or what will you react to? Thanathorn said he doesn’t care about someone who believes that students have people behind them. The one who thinks this way is people who offend students and people what he did not believe Because of the students who gathered comes with his own will that no one can force or influence Do not forget that the conservatives always use this charge and again and again. The whole US is behind some Thaksin is some behind the scenes. Thanathorn stands behind some destroy justice. When the people didn’t come to support, they arrested them. And Repressible So don’t be bothered by the false news that you are trying to destroy the justice of the congregation. When did you stop standing next to each other? Singers are arrested. Don’t leave it until this day And don’t believe the false news that it is leading us apart. And don’t believe the false news that will destroy the mainstay’s credibility. If we believe the wrong news and give up our voice, the leader was threatened and immediately determined.

Retreat into slavery

Mr. Thanathorn said that This is a trip that has never been taken before. It is not just a call to dissolve parliament or change the constitution. This is a very challenging time for society. That we as a society are you ready to talk about the problem that everyone knows is honest? For a reason don’t speak to malice or destruction. But we speak with the hope of finding a solution. It is really easy. If the prime minister I really want to listen to the students, the prime minister said people would use google but wanted to say the prime minister would push to listen on youtube. Knowing What People Want If the problem is to be resolved sincerely from today, the Prime Minister recently said he wants to solve the COVID and economic problem first. When you are done, he warned people not to be fooled. Tackling the COVID problem and the economy is a government issue. At the same time, changes can be made to the constitution because it is the duty of parliament

Retreat into slavery

“When the government asked three royal decrees to borrow money to solve the COVID problem, the council passed the 2021 budget that the government would use to support the economy. The council decided that what or how much equipment the government needed . The council moved to all the tools. So it is not a matter of the council. It is about the government fighting the COVID and the economy. Resolving the political conflict can be feasible and start immediately. Just ask General Prayut. Listen sincerely to the people. Call on the government’s MPs and Senators to continue to amend the Constitution in full. If only the Prime Minister opened the door, the constitutional amendment process would be complete. The dissolution of parliament and elections according to the new constitution is possible. But he doesn’t want to. Just like when Mr Bowornsak Uwanno, former chairman of the draft constitution committee, said he wanted to stay long. Already seen that he didn’t want to give power back to the people. He wanted the land to belong only to a handful of privileged people. So don’t fight Thailand to withdraw into slavery. “”

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