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Lawyer Nida can’t stand the keyboard, Matt Bhirani Tukdirik curses Caps’ hand. According to the lawsuit, has to pay 1 million

After the young protagonist “Tae Nathapon Temirak” since her separation from “Ton Ash Lai Sakul”, who have been together for more than 14 years. And recently started a new acquaintance “Hi-So Nayapranai” and recently had a trip to the beach together with a group of friends.Taew girl is cursed in AIG every morning and evening Just because I’m wearing a swimsuit all the way to the side Attorney Nida posted a message that the heroine is preparing to sue 1 million baht for defamation

“# Celebrity Defamation Dozens of kidnappers sat to gather evidence of defamatory messages, one young star, every channel, both IG, Facebook and TikTok, to file a lawsuit against the court in the coming days, thinking about that imaginary image in court that would sit and cry. It was found that the atmosphere caused the people dragging them to this kind of unthinkable to think of another thing. The civil damage that is named is 1

,000. 000 baht per person for being a famous famous heroine. Where do you get the wisdom to pay? Think of the words Ek-Ri, E-Slut, E-Lazy, Dog, Vicious, Vicious, etc. How could we don’t know?
Now it will turn out that celebrities only have an acting career, and not a representative. Not the people of the people who can curse anything at will. Especially in personal matters Warm in the online world, alone before the throne That phrase made him stand on. Celebrities are not public figures. A star is an actor’s career Celebrities are not representatives. The defamation case with the advertising of attorney Nida, attorney Saai Lui, attorney Nida Saranya Wangsukcharoen “

Later after that“Lawyer Nida” Has published “famous heroine” preparing to sue internet users for defamation of 1 million per person. Most recently, Attorney Nida revealed that, “A lot of people suspect this. Just print out the damned message. Are two words wrong? Answer: When read, most know who is wrong even though they don’t mention their name. But they can know who it means Or leave comments under that person’s picture You can now sue for defamation. “

For example, in one personal case, I personally filed a lawsuit in which someone published that the thief’s attorney, just one word, did not specify the elder’s name. What I’m Not a Famous Person The court ordered the elder to pay 100,000 baht in damages, and in the actor’s case, the elder did not ask if he should sue 1 million. At the discretion of the court.As for my work experience, I believe suing 1 million baht for the value of this star is not too expensive. I think the price is 3-5 million baht, it’s not even ugly. Because he is the heroine of every story and has also received awards from numerous shows and events. It just shows how valuable it is. But we’re going to comment and reduce the value in it in one shift. “

What was the boiling point that made this actress complain?
“He felt that he was touching his family. I have a feeling that I shouldn’t bear being cursed a lot in the past, but the person doesn’t think anything to let go and try to understand the world. He gave it to me so told. But every time I speak there are tears but the latest comes to his father and mother. It came to his heart, it was sensitive, so he decided he wanted to call here for his family. Maybe have You didn’t read the comments yourself. Somebody sent it. From news in the online world It doesn’t know where to end, why do a good job, no admiration online. It interferes with and interferes with work. Pro rating drama “

When asked, “How many people are preparing for a lawsuit now? Lawyer Nida announced that he has not established how many people. But the heroine as the green light that blasphemes Or damage all of the lawsuits that everyone who.” still know, hurry to sort out before we can gather evidence right away Which is now gradually being filed around hundreds of cases Let’s keep doing this until everything is easier in the online world. Or start realizing and understand better . “

Then a news presenter, a young celebrity, Krachai, spoke about it on the program. At lunchtime, just in time, it was announced that, “As far as I know, it’s not Nong Taew. If the protagonist, who is a client of NIDA’s attorney, has successfully sued, it will be the norm for other celebrities to sue immediately.” and repeat the case “. Lawyer Nida is not Taeo but I understand that someone misunderstood because Nong Tao now has a lot of news that he has traveled to. “Young Kanchai wrote a note in the middle of the program for the host couple like Muay Arisara. Before you hurry, close immediately

Before the last lawyer, Nida, come out and reply to it on Facebook, “Not Taew, Not Taew Young people know the world knows this is not true. The young brother still said he was waiting for his own press conference. Not handsome, but still good-natured … that has to be admired. # Defamation of celebrities # Lawyer Nida # Lawyer Sai Wui “

And on the popular online world site Like Under the Bed, celebrities have already shown that the people on the news are not young ladies. But is a close friend in the gang like a young Matt Bhirani Khong Thai who was hit by a famous site in the online world earlier from a drama about dating the young Songkran Techanarong who posted a picture with young Matt’s message with the headline “A Comes to a Case # Celebrity Defamation To sue the netizens who have long accused it. At first people suspected whether it was Chee Taeo or not … But now the lottery should have been published in Chimat. Because she has come to comment that “A long time because of many things Now don’t stick with anything There’s no adult job that respects and loves you, you have to worry. ”

Now I keep evidence on Facebook, Tiktok, should sue a million at a time. Anyone who is a government official will continue to weep over discipline. Chee told attorney Nida (Chee’s attorney) that … “I didn’t want him to go to jail. I just want him to realize how much what he’s doing hurts so many celebrities and families. If celebrities aren’t strong then kill yourself How will people be responsible for this? Or will it still feel worthy? “

Recently, however, young Matt came back out to exercise. Which posted a direct message story from One of the Internet users who harshly commented earlier I took a direct approach to apologizing for reasons that were not intended but young Matt had a caption written about it, “Enough to sue and to.” Understand It’s Right If you want you to read the news with a little weight, you’ll be fine. You don’t have to believe everything the news writes. “

Also, young Matt came out to talk to the keyboard short film, which the girl Matt refused to give in and posted incontinence. At this event, there are many people who come to apologize to the woman, but she had no intention of commenting on this case, but Sao Matt didn’t want to sue every person who broke down.

From the above image, attorney Nida came out to move after an Internet user after molesting Cap’s hands and coming in to scold, “After the fact that Nong Matt brought the documents on the lawsuit to IG Story as shown in picture 1, the legendary cap hand from NIDA appears. Should be someone waiting to win the lottery Mudd Chat comes to complain about our caps, according to pictures 2 and 3, with the essence that

“Make Others Suffer Sin”

“When someone is stressed, uses drugs, dies of sin”

Really attentive apologies instead of caps.

#save up

#Mat Bhirani #Matthew Star defamation # Lawyer Nida # Lawyer Sai Lui “

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