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“Nadech” said and planned for “Yaya” to get married. I already have the intention.

NY fans are preparing to become famous after the superstar’s heroine. Yaya-Urasaya Sépund Came to an interview and spoke to Young Treasure Nadech Kugimiya I am waiting for that now and believe that the surprise proposal would be another dream like many women

Having the opportunity to meet Nadech Kugimiya So do not miss to ask about the problem mentioned, in which the person has no attitude to contain the answer in any way. Also be open to it. It is what he intended. The feeling is very bubbly. Admit there are some conversations, but it’s still serious with the drama and work that both take on, so you̵

7;ll want to exceed that deadline first. You have time to host the event and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest I still can’t say anything about the surprise of the marriage proposal. Because if you say that it will definitely not be a surprise, that’s why I want everyone to wait to win together

Most recently, Yaya gave an interview, Are all women waiting for the moment when they are asked to marry?
“Um … To be honest, I already have the intention. But it would be a question of, if not the time, it would be true. We also have a conversation. But now everyone is working very hard. We want to spend time there, like this do as much as possible in our time to be the best we think of. Was he there is only one person. “

Do you have a plan for when?
“I don’t want to talk. Wouldn’t it be a surprise? (Smile) Wait, it’s probably the time everyone likes it! Oh! Something like that”

Do you show that we are talking seriously?
“I think people who have been together for a long time have to have a few conversations. Things like that because we are all grown up and people who talk about everything and when it really is time we are ready to do anything.”

Are we ready now to have a family? Or is it still missing?
“It’s also a dream. We spoke. It’s a very nice dream, but we have to work. At the moment it is work. Two dramas. If really this time, when do we want to have fun or honeymoon?”

Do you show that if you are married, the job can even be reduced?
“I think a lot of things would be more optimistic. We just do everything we think is impossible. We have to do it now.”

Nadech-Yaya, a plan lover who will give up the next couple

How do we plan pretty much the same relationship?
“Must have. It’s also important and delicate. I want it to be the best.”

Pressure? People wait and ask all the time?
“Do not put any pressure on it, because everything is with the two of us who have already decided.”

Have you consulted adults?
“It’s not that much that we officially talked about.”

Did you see the auspicious day
“I still go to the temple to do merit”

Did both sides accelerate?
“No, all mothers, but all of their children didn’t hire anything.”

As if we were just waiting for the right time?
“I think it has to be that way. Everyone knows that we still have to work.”

Elder A Suphachai allowed marriage, right?
“Oh, Elder A says nothing. Ace understands teenagers. If the word marriage is, it may not mean that the job needs to be discussed, it isn’t. But it was a time of life when it spilled. It was full . “

Who said you were spoken to and where did you speak?
“We are not serious about conversations. We chatted like we were painting watercolor. She wants to add here. I want to add there and she continued to fill in. Something like that is shared, but now we have to do our job too.”

Can you call it Yaya’s husband from now on?
“(Laughs) Bottom line, everyone probably knows that we are very happy today. And we haven’t closed anything at this time, everyone would know at that time.”

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