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Thailand's Maya Bay is temporarily closed to recover from tourism

Thailand's natural wonders feel the power of tourism and force it to close temporarily.

Maya Bay, a great beach on Phi Phi Leh Island, made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the not so great movie The Beach is being provisionally reported for four months a year as reported by the Associated Press closed, [Juni1965] Thailand's National Park and Wildlife Department made the decision on Wednesday to recover the coral reefs and marine life of the island. The beach is open all year round, unlike the many Thai marine parks that are closed between mid-May and mid-October.

It is partly thanks to The Beach where the place gained fame Since the movie it was a paradise, since then it has received a stream of tourists. The beach receives on average 200 boats and 4000 visitors daily.

"It's like someone who has worked for decades and has never stopped," said Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a Thai marine scientist, to AP. "Overworked and tired, all the beauty of the beach is gone, we need a break for the beach."

The authorities considered the decision to close the beach last year, but informed the tour operators.

In 2016, the authorities closed the island of Koh Tachai to recover their environment from the effects of strong tourism, while in 2011, 14 dive sites were closed for unusually high water temperatures in the Andaman Sea due to damaged corals.

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