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"That was exhausting" – football is back and Florida survives

ORLANDO, Florida – Considering all the moments that Florida and Miami experienced at the season opener on Saturday night, how did you decide on the strangest of them all?

Was it Florida? from -10 to third but 4-out-of-4 down to fourth? Was it the interception of Florida's Feleipe Franks, which was thrown immediately after stopping the Gators defense?

Was it Florida pass interference on the fourth and 34th times to give Miami another shot at the win? Maybe it was the other Florida Pass Failure that failed on a separate third on the same track?

Was it Miami that made 10 games and only 14 yards in 4 minutes and 8 seconds in its final series and ended in no points and no win?

We've been waiting 230 days for the return of college football, and when that happened, we had an ugly, wild train accident ̵

1; complete with five leadership changes and a still-difficult outcome. The fourth quarter, when both teams tried to outsmart each other, was unfathomable.

Lamical Perine (left) celebrates with his teammates after his touchdown in the third quarter in Florida's victory. Mark Brown / Getty Images

It was sometimes hard to see, but it was still nice to see. No. 8 Florida eventually won 24-20 and survived his own inability in key moments, but it was anything but a definitive victory for a top-10 team that was rated as a touchdown favorite.

No one on the Gators' side was in much mood to dissect the sheer sloppiness, nor the way they seemed to be outsmarting and playing out during the vast parts of the game. Florida coach Dan Mullen came to his post-match press conference and sat in his chair, simply saying, "It was exhausting."

It was for all of us. But imagine what Mullen must have thought on the sideline in the last four minutes when it looked as though his team had pulled forward forever to return the ball (and possibly the game) to the hurricanes?

19659011] Mullen took the blame for the interception, which Frank threw at 4:30 to play. A questionable move considering that Florida just had to hold the ball and run a clock. Franks was hit on the throw and it sailed and Romeo Finley took the slight interception. That was just a mistake in a game that was filled with both sides.

The teams joined for 218 yards to 23 penalties. Florida had four sales. Miami beat a boat deep in its own territory. The Hurricanes launched two newcomers on the offensive and could not withstand the relentless pass storm in Florida. They gave up 10 sacks and 16 tackles for the loss. Both teams forgot at times how to tackle it, resulting in long-lasting results – one for Florida and one for Miami.

All this could be excused as the chaos and dysfunction we all expect at the season opener. Mistakes are self-evident. But the last four minutes was an exercise not to win a game. For both teams. After catching Finley, Miami shot 30 yards on penalties. What should be a property that began with the Florida 25, retired to the Miami 45th

But Florida had to make up for the hurricanes a few games later with multiple passport fines to keep the ride alive.

Honestly, my life clock was probably a thousand times faster, "Mullen said," I mean, every second was probably like a thousand minutes or days. I do not know. The last five minutes of the game, I think, have been ten years old. "

The rest of the season could be so if Florida does not fix its various issues beyond the inexcusable penalties and missed duels over the next few weeks not particularly good, especially in the run game, where the Gators managed only 1.9 yards per carry.



Dan Mullen said Florida made a lot of mistakes, but it did found a way to victory.

Greater than that, Feleipe Franks looked just like the Fielipe Franks, which we expected as starters in his three seasons: being able to throw an inexplicable intercept on a ride; The changed franks Mullen had promised in the offseason did not look much different for most of the game, and Florida has essentially put together a good trip The rest was pretty unimaginative.

"Obviously, things are not going the way we expect," Franks said. "I did not go out there and tried to pick a pickaxe, I did not plan that, it was not in our game plan, but in the course of the game, things that you do not plan happen, and that's what I'm up to. " Adversity is.

"It's all about persevering, and that's exactly what we did and we've just achieved a great team win."

As for Miami, the missed duels with the coach will be played out by Manny Diaz for a while as they lead directly to Florida's first touchdown of the game. And although he did not want to aim at the young offensive line because of the many mishaps, the whole unit has no question. Better.

If there's a ray of hope to expand, it's the way Hurricane quarterback Jarren Williams played decisions and good throws despite the pressure he was under, and he had Miami in pos " Jarren never really blinked, "said Diaz. "Often he did not have much time, and I thought he only played with courage, made a few games with his feet and tried to throw to keep some things alive."

Both teams now have an extra week before we meet them again. But there will be more questions to Florida and maybe some revised expectations for the season after an ugly victory that came to nothing.

"If teams take us lightly and want to take this game and think, we'll do it Apply this for the rest of the year and they'll soon find out this was a mistake," said Florida linebacker Jonathan Greenard , Yes, it was strange and wild, but that's why we keep it in. Have a look.

"I hope everyone remembers it – it's a fun game to be around," Mullen said. "It's a wild game to be a part of, we're certainly reminded that college football is back, and it looks like we're heading into another exciting season after 150 years, it's not at all more boring. "

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