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That's Us Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Toby

The Big Three move away because the little three are in town.

That's right after Toby, Beth and Miguel finally got the limelight they deserved after years of ousting them in favor of the Pearson clan.

It was more than expected that Toby would be a focal point on This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5 Given the title of the episode is his name, but what was a welcome surprise was that his compatriots from the Little Three also could stand in the limelight next to him.

  Toby - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

The Pearsons are a fragile bunch, and their significant counterparts were expected to be the one shoulder they can cry on. While all of them have been very good at this role so far, it is high time for the Pearsons to take care of them.

Although it does not seem that Randall will be able to do this job, at least now, Kate has stepped on the plate, and hopefully she's not reaching out.

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"Toby" began just like other This Is Us episodes; Toby tried to be a rock for a nervous Kate. They had a viable embryo and one last chance for Kate to get pregnant.

Toby has been slowing down since he discontinued his antidepressants.

Seeing Toby come to this place was extremely important to his character. He's been built for two seasons as a great lovable guy who can solve any problem he or Kate faces.

  Expect News - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

That's always been Toby. He did the same for his mother as she went through her depression. Cracking jokes and trying to smile those he loves is in his DNA.

But when he experienced depression, it became so dark that he could not get up. It was such a contrast to the Toby we got used to.

He was able to overcome his depression the first time, but will he be able to do it again? Therapist: I think the medication and our sessions are working, Toby.

Toby: I agree with you, I feel fine. If only we could find someone who wanted to go out with a guy who swallowed the Unabomber.

When Kate Toby said she was pregnant, it was tragic that the happy moment was getting dark so quickly. Toby's meltdown was heartbreaking and was an excellent illustration of how depression works.

Even the brightest moments in a person's life can turn into a dark and grim situation when confronted with depression.

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But I have hope for Toby, and that's because of Kate.

I've been berating Kate a lot since the start of This Is Us Season 3, but I loved her very much in this episode. It felt like old Kate was back. Way was the selfish Debbie-Downer whom I hated.

  Rediscoveries - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

She's been replaced by an optimistic woman who loves music and is willing to work as hard as she needs to make her dreams come true.

If this version of Kate continues to shine, Toby is an excellent hand, and for the first time in her relationship, Kate will be the rock strong for her husband.

While I believe in Kate, Randall now seems like a lost cause. As Beth puts it, Randall is not one who shies away from his emotions.

Beth: You can not cry in the election campaign.
Randall: I will not cry.
Beth: You are an emotional man, Randall. You speak of fathers, you cry. You talk about daughters, you cry. You're talking about the little brown boy on the corner who tried selling lemonade in the winter, you're crying.
Randall: The lemonade froze, Beth.
Beth: Yeah, he was stupid, baby.

Beth could always tell if something was wrong with Randall. He has a problem, she listens and helps him fix it. This time Beth is the one with a problem, but Randall is not there to trust her.

Instead, he's busy running in a community where he does not. Of course, Beth supports him as always, despite her fragile state.

  The Rock - Season 3 Episode 5

Why can not Randall see the pain in her eyes? If he was not busy repairing things all the time, he would see that Beth needs her husband now.

It's like This Is Us that I've always been annoyed with one of the Pearson kids. Understand, Randall!

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It's so annoying since Randall and Beth were such a great couple. Hopefully Beth will soon be opening to Randall, and he can put all his stuff aside and be there for her, as if she's always been there for him.

Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to get worse for them before it gets better.

  Support System - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

Beth's relationship may be a bit rocky, but her cousin Zoe has finally agreed to give Kevin Pearson the wonderful side to hug.

During her trip to Mr. Robinson, Zoe hesitated to call Kevin her friend. Like any other person in the world, I asked the woman's state of mind, but then everything made sense.

Kevin: How do I introduce you anyway? My friend as a documentary filmmaker, does that work?
Zoe: You introduce me as Zoe, a human being who is a documentary with whom you happen to be with each other.
Kevin: Such a mouthful, but we'll go with it.

Zoe has never gone out with a white man and explaining the black experience all the time seemed like a tedious task. After a conversation with Mrs. Robinson, she realized that Kevin was worth staying close to.

Eventually Kevin found a woman who appreciates him!

I like Zoe and Kevin together. She challenges him in a way that no other woman has, and he challenges her as well. I'm curious how her relationship is blossoming.

  Micro Racism - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

I'm also curious what Kevin hears from his dad. Many TV Fanatic commentators had a problem with This Is Us Season 3 Episode 4 for telling Jack's Vietnam story through Jack's lens rather than through Kevin's.

Luckily, that seems to be the story that is moving forward. Mr. Robinson could give Kevin just a few details about Jack, what we had learned about "Vietnam."

At the end of his visit, however, Mr. Robinson gave Kevin letters that Jack wrote to him. With them was a photo of Jack with a Vietnamese woman who happened to be wearing the same pendant as Kevin.

  Answers - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

Obviously, she and Jack share a relationship – I assume a romantic one – with this woman

It'll be interesting to see Kevin and the rest of the greats Three will respond as they learn more about them. It's always funny for kids to imagine their parents with others other than their mother or dad, so I would not be surprised if Kevin freaks out a bit about this revelation.

I hope that one of the upcoming episodes will allow Kevin's journey over his father's Vietnam Days to be a focal point as Justin Hartley will throw him out of the park if he gets the chance.

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As we've just talked about throwing it out of the park, the teen versions of Kevin, Kate, and Randall have done just that. It's almost shameful to think how underestimated these teenagers are actors. They are cautious and deliver some of the show's best performances.

Teen Randall: Hey, can you take a shower Kev? We will be late for prom.
Teen Kevin: Prom is not for three hours, Randall.
Teen Kate: It's about how long it takes to get your hair done.
Teen Kevin: And I'm leaving.

The teenager Pearsons got the chance to interact with another very underrated character, Miguel. It turned out that Miguel played an important role in the Pearson family as soon as Jack died.

Miguel once promised Jack that he would take care of his family if anything happened to him. It was a pretty easy conversation between two friends, but it stayed with Miguel.

  BFFL - That's Us Season 3 Episode 5

Miguel has also done a great job. He helped Randall cope with Allison's racist father by giving him advice, repairing Rebecca's fridge and causing a drunken Kevin to crash.

It never felt like he wanted to replace Jack. He knew his place and wanted to keep a promise he made to his friend. Now it's understandable why Rebecca finally fell in love with the guy. He is a sweetheart.

While "Vietnam" was an unorthodox episode, "Toby" brought This Is Us back to its roots. It focused on the core relationships and gave the Pearsons & # 39; significant others the focus that they often do not get. Hopefully it will not be the last time it happens.

What do you think of "Toby"?

What relationship do you have the greatest hope for and which do you think most?

What do you think will Kevin Jack discover in Vietnam?

Let us know in the comments below and if you need to catch up, be sure to check out This Is Us online here on TV Fanatic!

Brandon Viera is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter .

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