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The 1975 helps thanks to their old goods to protect the environment

The 1975 was never afraid to blow up, expand and set the boundaries of the music industry. Matty Healy kissed a fan during a concert in Dubai. A few days after filming at Pulse Nightclub, they projected a rainbow during their song "Loving Someone." Now The 1975 makes an environmental statement by producing sustainable goods for their era . Find out more about The 1975 and its merchandise here.

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prepares for the premiere of her album & # 39; Notes on a Conditional Form & # 39;

It feels as if The 1975 had just released the first part of their album yesterday Music for Cars era titled A Brief Inquiry About Online Relationships. Even though the group's next album, Notes on a Conditional Form is a few months away, Matty Healy makes announcements about her live performances.

This includes a huge announcement about the goods available at upcoming events. The frontman explained that the group will not produce new goods for fans in this era.

The 1975 announced they would not make new goods for upcoming live shows.

This group has some live shows lined up prior to the release date of comments on a conditional form . As a result, frontman Matty Healy shared a message on his Instagram about new merchandise available at these shows.

"So here is the first drop. We do not make any new shirts right now. Unstable, "Healy wrote on Instagram. "This run is just old shirts (first album, early touring etc) that we kept and which we reprinted as NOACF shirts. You can also bring any old shirt from 1975 or ANY other band you love to the [the] Reading festival and have the same print done there and then over it. "

Healy edited his caption to add this one. These reprints are free at upcoming live performances. The fans responded with love and admiration for the band's decision, commenting, "The 1975 will save the world, and I say that since 2014."

In addition to her sustainable tour product, Matty Healy announced another plan to help the environment. On Twitter, the artist announced that The 1975 would raise money for a reforestation measure.

  The 1975 Matty Healy
Matty Healy of The 1975 | Photo by Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage

1975 donates money for reforestation charities

Sure, the band is more sustainable with their merch. In the true fashion of 1975, however, the group has taken their efforts to the next level. This August, Matty Healy shared news about the revenue from her live performances. First and foremost, he shared information about the cost of being included in the guest list.

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