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The 2014 NFL Draft class was one of the best. Now it's time to pay her

Friday's news that the Titans were beating Taylor Levan's market for offensive linemen by a staggering five-year contract extension of $ 80 million. Less than an hour later, the Hawk's Jake Matthews struck a deal of $ 75 million. The deal gives Tennessee and Atlanta basic blindsets well into the next decade – and provides further evidence that the 2014 NFL Draft could be the best of times … unless you're the Browns.

In just four years, the first round of 2014, in which Lewan and Matthews were selected among the top 11 tips, has produced 13 Pro Bowlers and three All-Pros of the first team. All but one player in the first 21

tips evolved into a full-time starter for the team that designed them. Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack both broke into the league with a class of 14. Game-changing wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Evans joined them. While the talent at the top is dizzying, only every player from this first round has met or exceeded expectations.

Lewan's Monster Deal is another example of how NFL teams are ready to pay for the absurd 2014 talent. 2018 was dotted with these degrees; $ 150m + for Lewan and Matthews, five years and $ 82.5m for Evans. Sammy Watkins may be in the third team of his career, but he still managed to sign a contract with the Chiefs on average of $ 16 million annually. Even contested Blake Bortles signed a $ 54 million three-year extension with Jacksonville after leading the Jaguars to the AFC title game months before.

Major 2018 signings for NFL Conscripts 2014

Player Pick no. Contract / extension value Annual value
Player Pick-No. Contract / Extension Value Annual Value
Zack Martin 16 $ 84m $ 14m
Mike Evans 7 $ 82.5m $ 16.5m
Brandin Cook's
19659014] 20 $ 81m $ 16.2m
Taylor Lewan 11 $ 80m $ 16m
Jake Matthews 19659014] 6 $ 75m $ 15m
Kyle Fuller 14 $ 56m $ 14m
Blake Bortles 3 $ 54 million $ 18 million
Sammy Watkins 4 [19659014] $ 48m $ 16m

But while these players are locked up in big money contracts, some other members of their outstanding class are waiting on their.

Some of the best players of 2014 are still waiting for the massive upgrades

While hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent on the class of & # 39; 14, the biggest paydays of the group are yet to come. # 1 Jadeveon Clowney is reported to have been waiting a bit longer, but players like Donald, Mack and Beckham continue to rely on Lewan-esque market-resigning contract extensions. After overplaying the value of their rookie contracts, this trio will enforce some hard salary caps on their teams.

Donald and Mack, the 2017 and 2016 NFL DPOYs, will be watching the other's situation closely. They set off in parallel with the training camp as they looked for long-term guarantees in the last year of their beginner contracts. While Donald is more of a pocket destroyer from inside the line and Mack is a linebacker / defensive-end hybrid, they are likely to end up with similar contracts. Those who make signs first will seek to eclipse Miller's six years and $ 114 million. Whoever comes second will try to eclipse the first one.

The Rams worked hard to fill their place on the cap while Jared Goff, the underpaid draft pick, went through his rookie deal. They pursued Cook's massive WR1 deal with a four-year, $ 57.5-million extension for Todd Gurley, who had to wait another two years for his first contract. Any further delay in making a deal with Donald would send a message about his importance to the team – and could trigger another extended holdout.

Mack's Raiders are similarly being pushed against the salary cap, and his talks with Oakland have reportedly gotten "strained." He has had to bear the burden of under-average defense throughout his career and it's hard to see the Raiders move on from their biggest star moving to a new city on the horizon. Donald's deal could be the catalyst that clears the conversation between the two sides.

Clowney is a harder puzzle to figure out. He has made the health problems that his first two seasons in the league have decimated into a long-time pro-bowl defender. While he is still an athletic copy that served as a glue to an injured Texan team last fall, his relative lack of production – at least compared to Mack and Donald – will make him start a leaner contract. There is a possibility that Houston, which would spend more than $ 47.6 million (more than a quarter of its slots) for its top five defensemen in 2019, even without the Clowney, could let him play the year off without serious consideration to make a new commitment.

Then there's Beckham, who's looking for a monster deal after watching his colleagues hit gold in this off-season. An agent suggests that there will be no deal that does not change the game, which achieves both the highest annual average salary in the league's history and most of the money ever given to a recipient; that would be something in the market of five years and $ 92 million, with guarantees of $ 40 million.

But Donald, Mack and Beckham are not the only ones prepared for lucrative second contracts

In addition, there are more power headliners too. C.J. Mosley is the newest big linebacker in the Ravens line. Anthony Barr is an integral part of a defense of the Vikings, who dropped a game just before the Super Bowl last winter. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has been the thread in the last two seasons holding the Packers secondary role. Jason Verrett will be a Pro Bowl cornerback for the Chargers when he's healthy – although another injury looks set to be derailed in 2018.

These players and a few more from this year's cohort will go on raise this year. They simply will not be marketing-oriented 24-point font headline deals.

This brings us to the saddest part of 2014. Ryan Shazier looked exactly like the Leader the Steelers had hoped for when they designed him number 15 this year and become a double pro bowler while adding value as a versatile linebacker at every stage of the game. Then a spinal injury ended his season 2017 prematurely and threw his career in danger. While making $ 8.7 million on Pittsburgh's PUP list in the final year of his rookie contract, he missed a lucrative long-term renewal due to injury.

Three teams sniffed in the first round. Two played in Super Bowl 52. The other is Browns

Several teams built franchisees in 2014. A handful of others have found a reliable starter. Three got a little to no value from one of the most heavily charged first rounds in NFL history.

It did not matter to the Patriots and Eagles. New England made a surprising selection by selecting Florida's Dominique Easley in 29th place despite having suffered two tattered ACLs in college. His potential has never paid off for the Pats – he would finish his first two seasons with the team in injured reserve and was dismissed before he got a third. They would eventually get a taste of the 2014 success by bringing Cooks over the bargain in 2017, and then bring him another deal back to the West later.

Philadelphia bet on Marcus Smith's ridiculous senior production in Louisville with the 26th choice, but the sporty defensive finish never developed into a starter for either Chip Kelly or Doug Pederson and was released last summer. Luckily for the Eagles, landing Carson Wentz in second place in 2016 and some clever free agent signings helped overcome the production loss of Smith's career arc.

The Browns, on the other hand, pushed their chips into the middle of the table with a pair of high-profile picks, then saw the table light. Cleveland traded twice in the draft to select players who actively downplayed his team. No. 8 Pick Justin Gilbert played with the team only two years before his stock dropped so low that the club exchanged it for arch-rival Pittsburgh for the low cost of a six-round pick. No. 22 Pick Johnny Manziel went 2-6 as an NFL starter and last traded … to the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

Jeff Fisher Rams would have joined them on this list following Greg Robinson's selection of # 2, which Washington has given them in the Robert Griffin III deal. Robinson began his three seasons in St. Louis / Los Angeles, but was never better than the average and has since traded (for a sixth round) and waived. He is currently the Browns last chance to claim some of the glory of 2014.

Fisher came to the lottery with his own selection. Donald delivered the value of a No. 2 choice of No. 13, and successful designs over the next three years – which brought players like LA to Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp – helped the team to overcome a high-ranking offensive line Miss In a draft in which two tackles were selected after Robinson had played well enough to sign mega-deals.

The 2014 NFL Draft class has reshaped the league, even though the top two teams in 2017 did not make much of their picks. These players have raised new purchases, made candidates, and wanted unfamiliar teams to department titles. Now is the time for them to get paid – and if the extensions already included in this off-season are an indication, it will be a great summer to be a 2014 MP.

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