InfoWars Moderator Alex Jones gave $ 3,000 to Michael Rotondo, the man who was sued by his parents to drive him out of their home.

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man who resisted his parents' various clearance announcements, is finally on the move

Rotondo said he was going to Rest of his belongings from his parents' home in Camillus, New York, and transported to a storage unit. He gets the help of a cousin who has a truck.

He will sleep at home on Thursday night, but must be out by noon on Friday. He will then stay in an Airbnb until he finds permanent residence.

The move completes a brief onslaught of celebrity for Rotondo, whose parents pleaded with him to move out and get a job and even offer him money to go. It ended in court, where on May 22, a judge ruled that Rotondo would have to move out and not receive a six-month extension.

"I'm glad I'm not here," Rotondo said Thursday. The hardest items to move were some of his hefty furniture.

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Rotondo credits Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist behind the InfoWars site, for allowing him to move. Jones gave Rotondo $ 3,000 when he appeared on Jones' show last week.

Rotondo, who claims to be a profitable company, still does not explain what this company entails. He said that he is likely to move in with his cousin after his stay at Airbnb, whom he did not name.

The attention his case received was "a bit annoying" because of all the phone calls, he explained.

"I think it's really unfair that I do not have enough time to really prepare a good move," he said.

As for his parents, Rotondo claims he will never talk to them again.

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