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The 5 Best Writing Tools All Students Need


Writing skills in the fast-paced half-virtual society is an essential key to success in nearly every field and as a student, you’re given a great opportunity to practice them during your college years. Chances are, you’re thinking right now about the old-school pen-and-paper handwriting, but the ability to write well is not about the beauty of curves in capital Gs, it’s about the content, quality, and following the common norms for the people to understand your idea. And in case you have any trouble with those major ingredients of good writing, this article is for you. Below are 5 writing tools that will help you to navigate your studying with ease and make your writing routine less burdensome, and before we jump in, let’s see why you should care about it.  

Writing is a Major Market Skill

No one was born with a notepad or qwerty keyboard paired with excellent writing ability ̵

1; this is what can and need to be learned if you want to be successful in any sphere. Just imagine: there are nearly 160 writing skill types identified now, and each of them is valued for a particular profession, and this is among the few ones that won’t be affected by the machines. Knowing the law is great but what’s the use if you can’t write a good speech at the court to make your facts more appealing? Being good at engineering won’t bring much if you won’t be able to communicate your idea to the investors, and they don’t have time for in-person meetings or phone calls. The modern marketplace is a tough field, especially with the modern approaches to the hiring process where writing is not a soft skill anymore but a valuable asset and a target skill for the candidates.

So what can help you to master your writing while you enjoy your student years?

Evernote / Keep

The text can be good if it can express a good idea, and a good idea, as you probably know by now, can hit literally anywhere and you know what’s the worst part? It’s easy to forget and almost impossible to restore. With the apps for taking notes like Keep or Evernote, you can write down any thought and be sure it’s there when you’re ready to structure them into a coherent text. Moreover, you can share draft your paper there, share with the supervisor or colleagues if you’re on the team project and hear what they think about. And yes, it’s 100% mobile and is available on your smartphone 24/7.


As a typical Canadian student, you can be overwhelmed with the assignments, forget about one, and remind only when the deadline hits the time. Panic you not, young padawan, because there are plenty of writing services to help you out. PaperLeaf is the service you need when you start typing  “do my assignment online” at 1 AM, 7 hours before you need to give it to your professor.

Oh, by the way, you are actually able to do it yourself when you boost your writing skills by just practicing them every day. This article will show how to find some time to do it, even though it is about 2017, while it is 2020 already, it still has great time saving advice.


Native or non-native speakers, we all tend to make errors and typos without even noticing it. And it may be nothing serious but not making a mistake is always better than making one, and in addition, it has a snowball effect: the more errors the reader spots, the bigger mistrust it feels towards the credibility of your writing. Grammarly is a tool that will help you to spot the tiny misprints and weird wording, so the readers don’t get confused or lose their loyalty to you for that Oxford comma.

Sky Writer

So here you are, all done with your paper and nearly ready to hand it to your professor. Nearly because you’re not sure if what you’ve written is actually what’s being asked. To get rid of this pesky inner hum you need a second opinion, preferably from a qualified specialist, whose judgment won’t affect your grade. Studymoose reviews point that this is the right place to go if you need a bit of editing or just proofreading.

And just one from many writing tips from Mr.Hemingway: don’t be afraid to leave the unnecessary words out and unclog your text. In the end, the less is always more. Keep that in mind.


An issue of plagiarism in an academic community can leave a deep imprint on your further studying or even worse – can be a reason for your expulsion from the college. The worst is that you might be doing in unintentionally and involuntary. Online plagiarism checkers like Plagly.com will help you to spot the places that have similarities with other texts so you can tweak your paper and make it plagiarism-free. The best part? It’s free, reliable, and save you a lot of trouble in advance.

Being great at writing is a must-have skill for everyone who strives to be successful in one’s field, and IT does a great job in helping us to develop it. With the tools for taking notes, checking grammar, spotting plagiarism, proofreading, and writing services, you can rest assured you can make your creative adventure be less stressful. The best part? You’ll achieve the valuable skill to give you an advantage as a job applicant.