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The 5 year old Andrew & # 39; AJ & # 39; Friend of Crystal Lake has been missing for 5 days. Here is what we know.

Here's what we know about the disappearance of five-year-old Andrew "AJ" friend of Crystal Lake.

– AJ has been missing for five days.

– According to the police, the boy's parents, Andrew Freund and JoAnn Cunningham said, AJ was last seen at bedtime – around 9 pm – on Wednesday night. When they woke up Thursday and could not find him, they reported him to the police as missing.

– AJ has blond hair and wore a Mario sweatshirt and black jogging pants when he was last seen. It is about 3 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 70 pounds.

– Crystal Lake detectives work with the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The police said about 1

5 police departments helped with the search on Thursday. About 373 hectares were covered in a foot search, and almost 500 hectares were covered by drones from the air. Also in and around the waters of Crystal Lake was searched.

– Police said on Friday there is no evidence of a kidnapping place. They also said, "The information currently relates to the police who are concentrating on his home (on Dole Avenue)." Dog teams that "only picked up Andrew's smell at the residence showed that Andrew was not walking," the police said. Police investigate at home on Thursday and Friday.

The police released a press release on Monday containing this statement: "This is still an active and ongoing investigation. There is currently no indication in the review of all information that the police would believe that a kidnapping had taken place at that time. The information received continues to be collected by police focusing on the place of residence and those who have seen or have had contact with "AJ". Joan Cunningham, the boy's mother, continues to be uncooperative with the police after this date. On Saturday afternoon, Andrew Freund, the boy's father, spoke to police officers. Investigators are continually reviewing evidence, hints and tips as they become available.

– The US Department of Child and Family Services has been dealing with AJ and his family since he was born with Opiates in 2013, and the contact turned on and off until the end of 2018. Until last week, the last contact between DCFS child protection personnel and AJ's family was AJ's younger brother was brought into the custody of DCFS last week after AJ was reported missing and a trial will be held on Tuesday for the status of a younger brother, according to her mother's lawyers. "19659013] – Jeannie Ridings, Attorney at Law Cunningham, sa Sunday, said that the parents were separated on Thursday's interrogation at the Crystal Lake Police Department and have not been together ever since in search of one another or strategy, what to do next ". They hugged one place during a picket on Saturday.

– Also on Saturday, groups gathered to search large fields and areas along the Crystal Lake shore. Boyfriend was taken to the Crystal Lake Police Station, where he was interviewed with covert police for about four hours. He went and went home. When asked how he was, he said, "It is hell on earth" and asked that people keep their son in their prayers. Friend was seen bringing his dog out on Sunday morning, a neighbor said.

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