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The 911 GT2 RS Clubsport honors this "Black Widow"

Photo credits: Porsche Archive

Yesterday, Porsche unveiled a new 911 GT2 RS Clubsport in a charming black Martini color scheme. I do not know how many recognize the car or race it pays tribute to, but both were among the most sketchy I've ever seen.

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Read More Read [197659006] As early as 1976, Porsche was debuting its new prototype race car, the 936. The weight was 1,543 pounds. The engine made 520 hp. Double turbos, no roof. A sketchy car by specifications alone.

That's before you passed the first race.

The debut itself was at the 300-km sprint race at the Nürburgring this year on the Nordschleife, as you would do at that time, with little clearance guardrails.

Rolf Stommelen, the up-and-coming works driver at that time, was sitting behind the wheel. He qualified second to the Porsche factory team (then called Porsche System Engineering), the specialist David behind the then-processing Goliath of Renault, the then major competitor of Porsche, before Lancia came just before Group C in the insert.

The race started well, but it was fast, uh, not great, as Motorsport-info.de calls in a few German calls, I'll roughly translate:

Stommelen leads the race until the 6th round Then he had to go to the pits with a pinching throttle cable. His throttle stayed on a 3/4 open position. Normally, the race for the 936 would have ended. Given the short race, a change of the throttle cable can not. Also, Rolf was sent back to the track. He drove the car with the main power switch. Before the curves current (and thus the engine) off. Rolf delivered.

Stommelen led the race to the sixth lap, then had to pinch it with a clamped throttle cable. Its throttle valve remained open at 3/4. Normally, the race for the 936 would be over. But since it was a short race, there was no point in replacing the throttle cable. So Rolf was sent back to the track. He drove the car with the main switch. Disconnect the power (and therefore the engine) before a turn, then switch it on again and drive at full throttle. It is hard to imagine what a significant, er, driving force Rolf had to deal with.

Ah, yes, drive the car in and out with the throttle on. Cool.

Stommelen finished second anyway. Unreal.

This is not a story you found on the official Porsche history pages and I could not find any pictures of the car on its website. I sent an e-mail to Porsche and received these photos from the ever-helpful archives of Porsche. A wild story, if the company may not be in a hurry.

I would say that the car probably came to its nickname "black" widow ", but I do not know if this race was the only part. The 936 won Le Mans this year, but only after the 936 had broken a connecting rod and the next 936 had burned a cylinder head gasket, the third 936 was thanks to a bad injection pump, which took half an hour to replace 41st place, as in Paul Frères The Porsche book described.

Porsche replaced the drivers and managed to strike back half an hour, climb to the top and limp the car back and forth so gently that it grabbed a piston running at partial load. The car drove its last two laps down a cylinder.

So, when you see the black, red and blue 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, you know he honors a race car that was even scarier than most.

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