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The addition of Jesse Chavez could only be the beginning for the Chicago Cubs

CHICAGO – Help could come just in time for the Chicago Cubs.

The team used six relievers in their first game back from the All-Star break and thinking they have the busiest second half in the baseball schedule The addition of Jesse Chavez from the Texas Rangers on Thursday may not be the last step that the Team does.

"I do not think it will be the end," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said with a laugh after the Cubs' 6-6 win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday. "You [the front-office personnel] enjoy it too much."

It is true. The Cubs brass was as active as anyone in the month of July. First, the Cubs were sellers during their rebuilding years. Then they became buyers as soon as the team started fighting. In 201

6, Aroldis Chapman came aboard and helped the Cubs at a World Series. They bought Jose Quintana during the All-Star break last year. And now it's Chavez.

Jesse Chavez, with a 3.51 ERA in 30 games this season, can start or get out of the bullpen for the Cubs. Andrew Dieb / Icon Sportswire

Chavez may see the start or the bullpen as he comes to his ninth team, but the Cubs are probably unfinished because of their starter – except All-Star [19459017

Es Another tough night on Thursday was for Kyle Hendricks, who allowed nine hits and three runs in 4⅔ innings.

"A little fight tonight," said Hendricks.

That could have been an understatement as he put his team back into the first inning, where his ERA is at 8:55 am for the season. He was drawn in the fifth, which led to this parade of relievers. But here's the thing with this year's Cubs: After winning a World Series in 2016, backed by a historically good starting staff, they are now known for their offensive. They lead the league in almost every category, including come-from-behind victories, with Thursday they triumph the 31st such win of the season, most in baseball.

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"They are Definitely fun and fun for the fans, but I think we would enjoy some games where we start and end, "said Ian Happ, who had married on Thursday.

But for that to happen, the boys' rotation has to be better. Hendrick's ERA for the season is a tad below 4.00 (3.99), while teammate Jose Quintana (3.96) is slightly better. Tyler Chatwood (5.04) checks above 5.00 and Yu Darvish (4.95) is still injured. Maddon hopes for better days of all, but can the Cubs win a championship while their offensive leads the way? It's not the norm, especially if you're from the National League.

"It happens every now and then, but it's so hard to come to this last game of the year and win it without that level," Maddon said. 19659002] Enter the close of trading on July 31st. Given Theo Epstein's and Jed Hoyer's preference for moves this month, Chavez could be the smallest they make. Nobody knows if they will go hunting big game again, and now this insult has to bear the burden. According to Elias, no team since the year 2004 San Francisco Giants ended the season over .500 in games in which the opponent hits first. The Cubs are 26-24 in this category after winning on Thursday. Maybe they can win everything with an American League attack.

No one is happier with this concept than the Cubs employees. Just ask Hendricks. He believes this offense is better than the one won the World Series.

"Consistently, up and down, I think," explained Hendricks. They're doing everything out there, it's not just homeruns, they've picked up pretty much where we left off [before the break]. "

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