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The aircraft carrying Rahul Gandhi develops technical hooks before landing at Hubballi Airport, Congress-De New Indian Express

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BENGALURU: Thursday's congress filed a complaint with the Hubballi police after a charter flight in which Party President Rahul Gandhi was traveling with his security guards had landed hard at the airport , The complaint said that someone could have manipulated the systems of aircraft.

The Congress wrote a letter to Karnataka DG & IGP Neelmani N. Raju requesting an investigation into the matter. A formal complaint was later filed at the Gokul Nagar Police Station in Hubballi by former Congressman IG Sanadi and his son Shakir Sanadi.

The plane suddenly crashed heavily on the left side and the altitude plunged steeply with violent shaking of the aircraft body from 1

0:45 am, Gandhi's close associate Kaushal Vidyarthi wrote in a letter to Head of State Neelmani N Raju.

The letter states that the weather is normal and not windy, according to the passengers.

"It was shown by the aircraft's suspicious and faulty performance The incidents of shudder and high altitude dive were not natural or weather-related, but were due to a technical hook," it said.

"Serious issues relating to deliberate interference with the aircraft can not be brushed aside and addressed," the letter read.

Gandhi visits Karnataka today for a two-day visit to party candidates in the districts of Uttara Kannada, Dahskina Kannada, Kodagu and Mysore.

"Y We have received a complaint about some unexplained aircraft turbulence," said Renuka Sukumar, DCP (Law and Order), Hubbali-Dharwad Police to PTI.

She said, "We have a complaint pursuant to Section 287 (negligence in relation to machinery) and 336 (acting to jeopardize the life or personal safety of others) of the IPC The complaint citing the two pilots was filed by KPCC Secretary-General Shakir Sanadi ", she said.

The letter said that several "unexplained" technical obstacles associated with the failure of the autopilot system posed serious problems of flight safety and the potential and deliberate manipulation of aircraft that endangered the lives of their inmates.

"A thorough investigation of the structural and mechanical elements of the aircraft, the environmental conditions of the flight and the persons involved in the maintenance of the aircraft is necessary for the assessment of the incident," it said.

The Hubballi police called the Jagat Singh Yadav pilot and his co-pilot to the Gokul Road Police Station Thursday night to call for an investigation DCP BS Nemgoud and other officers were part of the probe team On Thursday night, police said a DGCA Team from Hyderabad will arrive in Hubballi to investigate the incident.

Jagat Singh Yadav, pilot of Special Forces FL "The reports of the landing were just a rumor."

"The plane landed safely and on time, I do not know who spread the lies, the plane did not fly to Mysuru because I was instructed to stay behind at Hubballi Airport," said Jagat Singh Yadav, the pilot the special flight.

The letter said a "clanging noise" was clearly audible from one side of the plane during the entire shudder of the aircraft body.

"It was learned that the plane's autopilot was not working," he said.

The plane landed at Hubbali Airport at 11:25 am in the third attempt, according to

"The crew also appeared petrified, acknowledging that the flight was particularly scary and unusual," it said.

Rendeep Surjewala, the relevant communications department of Congress, said, "Rahul Gandhi has landed safely was averted today."

He said that a complaint was lodged with the DGP Karnataka, requesting him to review all aspects of " serious, horrific incident ", including a possible foul play.

He said this was unprecedented a flight with an SPG Prote

Gandhi insisted on his composure, trying to reassure fellow travelers, he said.

Another complaint has been filed with the DGCA calling for a thorough investigation into the incident, Surjewala added. [19659003] A senior DGCA official said, "The operator has reported the incident (DGCA)." According to the operator's report, it was a problem with autopilot mode, and the pilot switched to manual mode (and) Shutdown of autopilot operations (mode) is not unusual – for every VIP flight the DGCA investigates them in detail and we will do that, "the official told PTI.

Citing the air traffic controller's report, a senior Hubbali airport official said the plane landed safely.

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