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The airport is delayed to the northeast due to shortage of air traffic controllers

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, significant flight delays broke out in the northeastern part of the country on Friday due to a government lack of air traffic controllers.

The agency said it slowed entry and exit airports due to staffing issues at facilities in Washington and Jacksonville, Florida.

On Wednesday, unions representing air traffic controllers, pilots and flight attendants vigorously warned that the protracted closure of the government had seriously endangered the country's air traffic system. Like many other federal employees, the inspectors did not work for more than a month without pay.

"The President has been informed and we are monitoring the ongoing delays at some airports," said Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press officer. "We are in regular contact with officials from the Department of Transportation and the FAA."

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that it was the diversion of aircraft and the slowing of air traffic to the increasing number of incoming air traffic controllers to cope with sick.

The spokesman said the changes had "minimal impact on efficiency".

On Friday morning, the departure screen at one of New York's La Guardia airport terminals indicated it was "late" on incoming flights

The partial shutdown, which is approaching nearly five full weeks, has become a burden on the Air traffic system. For more than a month, thousands of security officers have been working for the transport and air traffic controllers without pay. Many have taken on side jobs to drive apps for driving or in restaurants trying to pay their bills.

The occupation of air traffic controllers responsible for ensuring that aircraft do not collide was a pre-stop problem for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association

The number of certified air traffic controllers is at a 30-year low and the crew of the centralized radar of the airports that operate New York City known as Tracon, has only about 130 controls, well below its full complement of 228.

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