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The alleged barricade situation in New Hope turns out to be a hoax


A sick dizziness leaves the curious New Hope on the brink of Sunday.

The residents were asked to protect themselves on the spot shortly before 5:00 pm. After a caller told 911 he was in a house in the first block of West Ferry Street and was a hostage.

"He said he shot his girlfriend, that he has a hostage, that he has an IED and would blow the house," said Mike Cummings of the New Hope Police Department.

Police believe he used the live Facebook feeds from a nearby shop to make the police believe he was in the house, believing that they could see any movement from the feed.

He threatened to shoot people randomly if the police approached.

"At the time, we believe it was a stroke, and we think someone joked and got information from a live feed that's in one of the two stores," Cummings said.

Swatting is when a person calls the emergency service and armed officers or SWAT teams are sent.

The prank brings fear and confusion to the inhabitants.

were asked to evacuate. They feared there would be an active shooter.

"When the employees were in the lobby, we searched all the rooms, everyone came down," said Yuriy Stolyarchuk.

The police cut off the live food and the robots invaded the house and found no one in the house.

Residents of the apartment, who were outside the city, were notified, and they were safe and unhurt.

The caller had a blocked number and even called after the police realized it was a joke.

No such thing had ever happened in the hope.

"This is one of our busier days of the year, the city was absolutely deadlocked," said Mayor Laurence Keller.

The officials are not quite sure how this coup cost the person in charge, since he could call from anywhere, but if found, he is confronted with grave accusations.


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