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The Anthony Davis contests define the NBA

It's not even New Year and the rumors of Anthony Davis's exit from New Orleans are already dominating the NBA discourse. Superstar player trades have defined generations before, but they seldom happen in the prime of their careers. If so, this leads to a seismic shift in the league. For example, when the Warriors sold Wilt Chamberlain to the Sixers in 1965 or when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was sent by the Bucks to the Lakers in 1975. Davis could be next. Therefore, the Pelicans MVP candidate will define the next calendar year.

Teams have been preparing for this opportunity for years. The Pelicans are 1

5 to 20 years old, and Davis, who is only 25 years old, may become an unrestricted free agent by 2020. If Davis indicates that he will not be in this off-season long after New Orleans, the league's peers expect the Pelicans to find a trade. Waiting for this summer would be a risk – the pelicans might lose influence, or Davis would simply go into free representation as soon as he retires from his contract.

Davis has long since dropped the hint of a possible abortion because he has been concerned about remaining in New Orleans for a long time, like Kevin Garnett in Minnesota, to recent comments on the assessment of "legacy over money". The commercial smoke is now blowing more than ever: Davis bought a $ 7.5 million home in Westlake Village, a suburb of Los Angeles Summer, and switched to Rich Paul from Klutch Sports, and LeBron James recruited him for the Lakers. Giannis Antetokounmpo also half-jokeed his post so Davis joined the Bucks. These public views are just a glimpse of recruitment through private return channels.

The mere chance that Davis becomes available will determine the decisions of the pelicans and the teams interested in acquiring the Superstar Big Man over the next few months. Here's a look at what's going on by 2019.

Follow the Money

The Pelicans are expected to offer Davis a five-year Supermax expansion worth $ 239.5 million in July, but Davis does not see the extra money New Orleans, the team that designed it, can offer "as a factor in its final decision," such as Sam Amick of The Athletic . It's easy to understand why: The Supermax is not that great. It does not offer Davis much more than he can earn if traded elsewhere under his current contract. Davis has a 15 percent trade kicker in its $ 4.1 million contract. Throughout the league, there is a conviction that Davis will pursue the same approach as LeBron by signing short-term contracts rather than concluding a long-term deal, as Zach Lowe of ESPN first mentioned. If Davis has taken this path, he will be a 10-year veteran before the 2022-23 season (his 29-year season at age 29) and will be able to sign up to a maximum of five, or 35 percent the upper limit. The difference between what he can earn on this route and the Supermax is minimal.

What Anthony Davis Can Do

Season Pelicans Other Team Comments for Other Team Approach
Season Pelicans Other Team Comments for one other team approach
2019-20 $ 27,093,018 $ 31,156,971 -21 41,300,000 US Dollars 35,400,000 US Dollars signs a one-plus-one contract (up to 30%)
2021-22 $ 44,604,000 his player option
2022-23 [19659017] $ 47,908,000 $ 45,533,250 Signs an extension of five years (maximum 35%)
2023-24 $ 19,29,000] 2024-25 $ 54,516,000 $ 52,818,570
Total 266,633,018 [19589017] $ 2592,301,701 The salary cap for 2020-21 is estimated at $ 118 million S dollars appreciated. The job forecasts for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons are based on an increase in the cap of 5 percent ($ 123.9 million and $ 130.095 million, respectively).

Between 2019-20 and 2024-25, Davis can earn $ 266.6 million with the pelicans compared to an estimated $ 252.3 million with a team that trades for him; that's a difference of $ 14.3 million or just $ 2.4 million per season. The differential could change according to the increase in the upper limit, but in any case, the discrepancy ranges from moderate to tiny. What Davis loses in a trade is the future financial security that is important to a player who has missed an average of 14 games in each season of his career due to numerous injuries. The benefits are that Davis could play wherever he wants and retain control of his fate.

The other teams in the hunt

Davis has only so much to say what the pelicans decide this summer. Jarinn Akana, the representative of DeMarcus's cousins, warned the teams before the 2017 deadline 2017 that cousins ​​were destined for the Lakers and that cousins ​​would under no circumstances sign anywhere else, but the pelicans would trade boogie anyway. In 2007, when the Timberwolves provided Garnett for trading, the Lakers started as favorites, and the Suns were highlighted as Garnett's preferred destination. Garnett agent Andy Miller publicly stated that Boston was not an option for KG. Finally, after weeks of silence in the rumor mill, Boston acquired Garnett. Even if Davis' agent, Rich Paul, tries to force Davis to the Lakers, this is not guaranteed to be treated there. The list of candidates for Davis will go beyond the Lakers or other large market teams.

May 14, the night of the 2019 NBA Draft lottery, could be one of the most important dates in recent league history. Not only will it determine the target of Duke Prospect, and probably not. I select Zion Williamson, but also plays a central role in determining Davis fate. The Lakers may be Davis' preference, but they do not have as many assets as other teams. Given their current pace (20-14) they have nothing to win the lottery night. A team that lands a top pick could take pole position for Davis.

  New Orleans Pelicans vs. Boston Celtics

Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving
Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving is one of Davis' closest friends in the league, and he's already talked to Davis about being a teammate with the Celtics. The Jay King of The Athletic reported in October. The Celtics could have up to four picks in the first round in the draft of 2019, including Sacramento's Top-One. The kings are currently vying for a playoff spot, but only 3.5 games separate them from the seventh worst record of the NBA. It's a long season ahead of us. Sacramento's current upswing in the early season may soon feel like a distant memory. With young assets such as Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Robert Williams – or a sign-and-trade with Terry Rozier, a limited free agent this summer, the Celtics also have several young players to play with. Jayson Tatum beat all the other assets the Celtics provided to make it available.

The Knicks have their own pick in the first round and are currently equated with a 14% chance of landing the No. 1 pickup for the League's second-worst record. The Knicks do not have as many merits as the Celtics – Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina and Allonzo Trier are their three main pieces, which makes their results in the Lottery Night all the more important.

A surprise team could always enter the sweepstakes if the Kings Pick does not end. 1, it will mediate the Sixers and there is nothing to stop them from laying this down with Markelle Fultz and other assets, including Zhaire Smith or Miami's unprotected first in 2021. The Suns have been asking for stars that have been traded in recent years, such as Irving and Kawhi Leonard, to realistically advance Davis. Other big market teams such as the Nets or Davis's Hometown Bulls would at least call the pelicans if they landed a top-draft pick.

It's the most attractive for the pelicans anyway. New Orleans is the NBA's smallest market and the team is ranked 26th this season, even though Davis has a mega star. The Front Office might theoretically prefer to retain an established player, so the fans' interest and the number of spectators will not decrease. Teams with smaller stars, like the Trail Blazers with CJ McCollum, might surprise us by taking part in the Davis contests, much like the Raptors for Leonard by hanging DeMar DeRozan or Oklahoma City for Paul George , New Orleans, an unexpected destination for cousins, knows all too well. The Lakers were once considered favorites for all three of these stars.

Any team interested in Davis would have to pay about $ 24.9 million to acquire AD if he accepted his $ 4.1 million (about $ 21.6 million) trading bonus not, they have no cap to pick up his salary. The pelicans would have to pay this bonus, unless Davis renounces it. In theory, Klutch Sports could use the opportunity to spare New Orleans this financial burden to bring Davis to a team of its choice. However, teams that want to trade with Davis can offer money to overcome the difference, or simply more than the Lakers.

The Pelicans' Last, Best Hopes

Davis could always choose to stay in New Orleans because of his loyalty to the city and the franchise plus the financial security it can provide – much like another Klutch customer, John Wall, opted for the Wizards. But even if this season continues to get sour and the Pelicans miss the playoffs, and even if Davis records the records he wants out of New Orleans, it does not guarantee that the Pelicans will make a deal.

We & # 39; I've seen this story before. In 2009, the Raptors knew that their chances of re-signing Chris Bosh were slim, but they tried to persuade him to stay anyway by improving the team with a trade for Hedo Turkoglu. It did not work: Bosh left for South Beach next summer.

Calling a player's bluff is often the worst step – see: The Raptors with Bosh or the Timberwolves with Jimmy Butler – but teams do. The Pelicans could always try to improve the team and do another run with Davis. The Front Office, by renouncing rights to the team's free agents (including Nikola Mirotic and Julius Randle, if the latter decides from his senior year) plus the trade or renouncement of an expiring Solomon Hill contract, can almost capitulate. Create space. If Mirotic was redrawn at about its same salary ($ 12.5 million) this year, they could spend about $ 20 million in cap area for prosecuting second-class free agents like Tobias Harris and Khris Middleton or even from players like Ricky Rubio and Danny Green. These options may seem like lateral movements, and this is probably the case, but the pelicans might opt ​​for one last effort. It is worth noting, however, that the pelicans have never entered the luxury tax, and Front Office executives do not expect that in the foreseeable future. For Pelicans fans, it will be easy to turn their anger on Davis as soon as he invariably demands a deal, but Davis did not decide to trade a first strike and then pay too much for Omer Asik, or sign a millstone contract with Hill. But Davis especially appreciates his legacy, and New Orleans's recent rosterbuilding misstep, a possession that is not freely spent, has hampered his team's ability to win at a high level.

The lottery's night of 2019 could do likewise have an impact on the pelicans if they miss the playoffs. They currently have the NBA's eighth worst record, giving them a 6 percent chance of no. 1 pick and a 26.3 percent chance in the top four. The absence of the playoffs would, of course, counteract the fall of New Orleans to hold Davis – the Pelicans made the postseason twice in the Davis era – but it's also the team's only way to realistically win another star , The blockbuster of DeMarcus's cousins ​​failed, and then they missed Butler, even though they talked about trading with Minnesota. This is Fantasyland stuff, but if the pelicans win the lottery and make a top choice, they would suddenly become a leading contender in the market for other stars in the market. If the blazers miss the playoffs, they may choose McCollum or Damian Lillard. The Wizards could always move Wall or Bradley Beal. At least the pelicans would have a new ammunition.

There may not be a move that could stop Davis in New Orleans, but it could be enough to win another front-seat player to convince the franchise that it's worth keeping in the 2019-20 season and urged this drama on the trade term of 2020. Realistically, however, it does not come to that. Trade offers should be overwhelming enough for the pelicans to find one worthy to be accepted.

The Lakers ™ Waiting Game

It would be naïve to believe that the Lakers would automatically land Davis, but it would be naïve to believe that they did not make an appearance. I have no chance, although it may not be the best fortune. If Davis and his agents tell other interested teams that he's leaving for Los Angeles when he meets a free agency, offers may drop and the Lakers enter the mix.

It's not that Los Angeles has not got much to offer. The Lakers have all their future favorites and a number of valuable young players, including Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart. Ingram is treated like the young Lakers core's ugly duckling because the team was successful during his eleven missed games (due to suspension and a sprained ankle). And when the slender striker was active, he struggles as he shares the word with LeBron James, as recently described by Jonathan Tjarks The Ringer . Ingram averaged 15.8 points per 36 minutes with a morbid percentage of 49.8%, while with LeBron he was on the pitch for over 569 minutes (per NBA.com/Stats). James is most effective when the ball is in his hands and he is surrounded by shooters, but Ingram reluctantly shoots 3s. James supposedly thought Ingram might be Scottie Pippen, but Ingram was more like his taller, thinner Larry Hughes.

Growing pain is to be expected. Ingram was just 21 years old in September, was late-flowering in high school and spent the rest of his life with the ball in hand. At Duke, he was best in an on-ball role, and that's the case now. In just over 140 minutes without James on the ground this season, Ingram lost 27.2 points, 5.9 rebounds and 4.4 assists per 36 minutes. Ingram's best stretch last season – 18.4 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.4 assists in 14 games – also collapsed when Lonzo Ball was knocked out for eleven of them. 1 choice, Ingram is perhaps the best specimen pelicans can offer for Davis. Ingram is young, inexpensive and has shown how he has developed into a superstar, with versatile scorings, advanced passing vision and longitude to defend multiple positions.

The Warriors have lost their edge and they are only a violation of being extremely vulnerable in the playoffs. But only the chance to acquire Davis this summer is likely to cause the Lakers and other teams to maximize their chances of winning a championship this season. It was talked to the media and fans that the Lakers Ingram should now trade in Beal. The Wizards, despite all the phenomena that took place earlier this season, are trying to make the playoffs, so Beal is not exactly available now. But even if that were the case, adding Beal now does not make the Lakers Finals favorites, and his acquisition would limit their flexibility this summer.

With Beal, the Lakers would likely only have about $ 17 million in space, which would take them out of the race to sign stars like Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson or even high-ranking free agents like Cousins, Harris or Middleton. Beal may be better than any of the last three players, but the chance of signing one of these star-free agents while Ingram remains gives Los Angeles more options. It's not that the Lakers should never trade with Ingram. It's all about timing The Lakers and every other team that has a chance at Davis now make decisions based on the odds of winning the summer prize.

Davis Effect on the Next CBA

Davis is the largest case study of the effectiveness of the Supermax. During the discussions on the current collective bargaining agreement, the NBA and the players' association negotiated to increase the potential income for the players, including a designated veteran player extension that paid 35 percent of the upper limit and can only be given by the team designing the player Has. The Supermax should give stars like Davis more incentive to stay in their teams, and teams that have more power to keep them, but that did not happen as often as the sides expected. Durant left the thunder for the warriors, and the kings exchanged cousins ​​for the pelicans. There have been some successes, such as Stephen Curry and the Warriors, James Harden and the Rockets and Russell Westbrook and the Thunder, but the owners often do not want to spend the money or the players are not interested. 19659071] The NBA or the players' association must retire after the season 2022-23 until December 15, 2022 from the current CBA. When the CBA negotiations start again, both sides should find better solutions. If the opt-out is exercised, Davis and other stars might be better off waiting until 2023/24 to complete long-term deals.

It is unpredictable what the cap will look like in the coming years. Legalized gambling is becoming a source of revenue – a report by Nielsen Sports tells the NBA that regulated betting generates $ 585 million annually. There is also an uncertain future for the League's broadcast rights deal. The current TV contract runs between 2024 and 2524, and Google, Amazon and Facebook are expected to enter the live sports arena. The cake just seems to grow. Davis will undoubtedly be used as an example of the success of the current Max Contract rules in one way or another, and his election could lead to a bigger payday under a new CBA.

Davis is at the center of the NBA's uncertain future. Players of his caliber are rarely available, and with so many large market teams having assets and cap-space, the Pelicans could trigger a bidding war. Whether Davis stays in New Orleans or is traded to Lakers, Celtics, Knicks or any surprise team, his 2019 will be unforgettable.

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