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The Apple Heart study shows what health benefits wearables can provide

Stanford Medicine researchers have published preliminary results from their Apple Heart Study, which involved over 400,000 participants. The researchers found that wearable technologies such as the Apple Watch can be used to safely identify individuals with irregular heart rhythms, giving them time to seek medical help.

Jeff Williams, COO of Apple, reviewed the study: [19659003] "We are proud to partner with Stanford Medicine to carry out this important research. We look forward to hearing more about the impact Apple Watch has on the medical community. We hope that consumers will continue to receive useful and actionable information about their heart health through Apple Watch. "

Stanford Medicine describes the key findings of the study and stated that 0.5% (approximately 2,000 participants) of all participants in the study received notification that they had irregular heart rhythms. While Apple Watch did not always do it right, the researchers found that 84% of those who had been notified had atrial fibrillation at the time of notification; This means that notifications from the Apple Watch are a strong indicator of a problem. As a result of the findings, 57% of respondents opted for a medical examination to further investigate the problem.

Although the study had a large number of participants, the Apple Heart Study should be mentioned was funded by Apple. Although this should not break the results, more research is needed as to whether wearables are effective in detecting atrial fibrillation.

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