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The Arizona man says his mother's body was blown up in a military detonation test without his consent: Report

A man from Arizona learned five years after his mother's death that her body had been sold to the military without his consent and detonated in a bomb blast test.

Doris Stauffer died of Alzheimer's disease in 2014 at the age of 73. Her son, Jim Stauffer, agreed to allow doctors to examine his mother's brain, but the neurologist rejected the body after her death, reported Phoenix KNXV-TV. He was looking for other biological donors with the hope that his mother's body could be used to further explore the causes of memory loss in Alzheimer's patients.


The Biological Resource Center (BRC), a Phoenix-based organ donor facility, arrived within 45 minutes of her death to kill the body, he said. He said he signed papers that set what happened to his mother's body and what did not. "In those medical tests that could cause explosions, we said no, all of which we checked the '#' box," Jim Stauffer said.

Later, he received a box that told him that the majority of his mother was ash, some information, and an ID number.

He said that Reuters has assembled a paper trail with internal documents obtained from authorities showing that BRC sold his mother's body to a military contractor for use in detonation testing and detonated a bomb to simulate what happens to the human body when a vehicle strikes an IED.

"I feel stupid," he told KNXV-TV. "Because I'm not a trustworthy person, but in this situation, you have no idea this is happening ̵

1; you trust, I think that's what they eat."

He joined a civil suit against BRC and its owner, Stephen Gore, who claims that the body donor body has condemned low-income families without education to donate the bodies of their loved ones under false charges.


A Pentagon spokesperson told Reuters that BRC had provided body parts to US Army contractors under false charges.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations searched BRC in 2014 after claiming the organization had prepared body parts To sell them at a profit, Gore pleaded guilty in 2015 to paying customers by selling contaminated body parts to medical users Cheating on facilities, Reuters reported. According to KNXV-TV, Gore will be appearing in court in October to face the families implicated in the civil lawsuit.

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