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The arrest of Huawei puts pressure on Trump and Xi

Meng was due to appear on Friday before a Canadian trial in a Canadian court where the charges against her are expected to be published for the first time.

Thereafter, Meng will likely agree to extradition or decide to fight it, "Serafini said." If she fights against it, it could take a considerable time before she ever enters the US soil, "he said Persecution would take place entirely in front of a Canadian court, Serafini said, "and the Canadian court would make a final decision."

During that time, Serafini said, "The Canadians will probably take steps to make sure they do not leave the country can. But she probably will not stay behind bars. "

Mengs delivery process will be separate from the charges in the United States," Serafini said.

"Before she could beat a deal on the US charges, she would have to be in front of an American court," he said. This does not exclude the possibility of US-China referendums about their case. "

But even if China publicly protests Meng's imprisonment, Beijing must privately decide whether to bind the fate of the US to trade negotiations on the fate of a Chinese executive said Daly.

"China can postpone trade negotiations to express its displeasure, but it can not be long before it wants a solution," he said.

"Watch the history of Meng in Chinese press and developed at WeChat, "he said, referring to China's version of Twitter." Beijing can either hold on to public opinion or disturb. When Chinese propaganda organs play the Meng story, Beijing links Meng's arrest and the commercial dispute. If the Chinese media and the netizen reaction are silent, Beijing wants to do the negotiations and the Huawei question on separate tracks. "

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