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The Asylum Seeker Policy of Trump Administration enters into force

TIJUANA, Mexico – A new Trump Administrative Guideline, which forces certain asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases are processed in the United States, came into effect on Tuesday when American officials intercepted the first such migrants through a Southern California border gate to the north led Mexico.

The migrant, a 55-year-old man from Honduras, applied for asylum after crossing the border from Mexico in the United States. Under the new policy, he will temporarily live in Mexico and return only for court hearings relating to his case.

He wore a brown jacket and a black cap and looked dizzy when he reached the Mexicans late Tuesday morning side of the border in Tijuana and was swarmed by numerous journalists, photographers and television comrades.

"I'm very tired," he mumbled before being quickly abducted by Mexican immigration officials into a van.

"We are only responding to a unilateral decision," said Figueroa, a high-ranking Federal Migration official of the Mexican state of Baja California.

Since the Trump administration announced the new asylum policy, Mexican officials are negotiating with their counterparts in Washington to determine the conditions under which they will accept the migrants.

On Monday evening According to Tonatiuh Guillén López, the commissioner of the National Migration Institute in Mexico, Mexico would only accept migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras aged between 18 and 60 years. He also said that Mexico would only receive asylum seekers returned through the border crossing Tijuana with San Diego, California.

Returned asylum seekers receive special four-month multi-entry visas that allow them to travel to the United States for their court appointments and then return to Mexico, Mexican officials said. Some of the returnees have already one year a humanitarian visa allowing them to work and travel freely in the country. The resolution of asylum cases in the United States may take years, but it is still unclear whether and under what conditions Mexican visas will be extended.

The change in American policy applies to some asylum seekers attempting to enter the US at official crossings on the country's southern border or arrested on American soil after attempting to illegally cross. However, this does not apply to Mexican asylum seekers, who could risk harm on their return to Mexico, right where they claim fear of persecution as grounds for their asylum application.

Migrants' advocates and human rights groups have vociferously criticized the Americans for policy changes saying that Mexico, which suffers from a historical level of violence, is not a safe place to send people who are already feared for their lives. In addition, Tijuana and other border towns are already overwhelmed with migrants from the United States and migrants from Central America and other countries seeking to enter the country.

American immigration officials have insisted in the last few days that they are immigrants, pleading that the return be conducted in close coordination with Mexican officials who will prepare all returnees. For now, according to the officials, only a few adult men in good health would be sent back to Mexico.

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