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The authorities detonate a mysterious mine in Puget Sound

But when it looks like a mine is floating in a bay near a marina, you do.

While people on land were told to stay inside, the Coast Guard sent a naval security guard on Tuesday Divers went to Port Orchard Bay at Puget Sound in Washington to turn the large, round, rusty object with metal rods in the water.

"At the first inspection, it was found that the unidentified fortress mine had been marinating for decades," said the Navy.

The mine has disengaged from its anchor, spokeswoman Sheila Murray said.

The crew dragged the mine off for hours as the authorities attempted to prevent residents and news helicopters from orbiting the area.

They urged residents to seek shelter in their homes, keep their pets, and avoid the beaches.

Shortly after 8 pm local time, the decades-long mine was exploded and water was thrown into the air.

It was safer to detonate the mine far from the coast, the Navy said.

The US Coast Guard had a 1

,500 "The object was discovered by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources."

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