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The "bachelor" alum Amanda Stanton is dismissed for domestic violence

Amanda Stanton's domestic violence case has been dismissed, the district attorney's office of Las Vegas district tells ET.

The case stems from the arrest of a "bachelor" alumnus in September, after alleged altercations with him had taken place her friend Bobby Jacobs in a hotel room in Las Vegas. She was arrested on charges of domestic violence against the police and found guilty.

In a statement to ET following Stanton's arrest, her agent said the mother of two children is "embarrassed and ashamed," and this seriously apologizes to the hotel security and Las Vegas police in Vegas. "

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" Amanda is a gentle, respectful person who is never physically ill with anyone under any circumstances "The statement continued, claiming that Stanton was simply" a bit awkward, "but understood that the police" still had to do their job. "

Stanton was discovered on Wednesday outside the Las Vegas courthouse with her father and although Jacobs was not photographed with the couple, he accompanied Stanton on their Vegas trip, and the couple, who began dating earlier this year, published several pictures and videos on social media.

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ET spoke with Stanton last month as she raved about her relationship with Jacobs.

"It's my first relationship It's been a long time since I met someone in the real world, and it's a lot different, "she said.

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"He's such a homebody. He lives near me and I just feel like being in the same place in our lives. We all want the same things and I do not know … it's just very simple, which is nice. "

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