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The best apps for recording notes for students

So what should I use?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of note-taking apps to choose from. No wonder they all promise to make you a guru for organization and productivity. If you're having trouble browsing all of them, ask the following questions:

What hardware do I own?

First and foremost, eliminate all services that your primary devices do not support. Let's say you own a Macbook Pro and an Android smartphone: you can immediately exclude any platform that does not support Google's mobile operating system, such as Bear and Ulysses. Why? Because it's important that you can access your notes anytime, anywhere. With a good, reliable mobile app, you can quickly read some review notes while you're on the bus or waiting in line for coffee. It is also a decent support if you forget to charge your laptop or tablet before class.

What is my learning style?

If you have not already done so, make a "learning style" quiz. Find out if you can capture and process information best with visual (pics, charts, maps, etc.), auditory (podcasts, audiobooks, classroom records), linguistic (old-fashioned reading and writing), or physical, tactile means (Looking at a globe, fixing a car by hand, etc.).

What am I studying?

Then you should think about your subjects. How do you best represent and digest the course materials? For example, a photography class will probably handle some prolific shutterbugs like Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. If you want to remember your life and techniques, it makes sense to create some notes with a mix of text and example images.

What is my budget?

Do not give out what you can not afford. Set a budget (we also have a guide to managing your finances) and reject everything that goes beyond that. Also, be careful with "free" versions that protect basic features like offline access and cross-device synchronization behind expensive subscriptions. You do not want to feel restricted by your note-taking app in the classroom.

Our tips

It is impossible to select a single "best" note app. Instead, we've made some suggestions that are tailored to specific users, devices, and learning styles.

"I want to do everything with an iPad and an Apple Pencil."

  iPad Pro "data-caption =" iPad Pro "data-credit =" Engadget "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" Engadget "data-local-id =" local-5 -7358754-1[ads1]563372679142 "data-media-id =" 0695ed69 -cabf-4f8f-9ad2-33b37d993440 "data-original-url =" https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07 / 5fc06120-a889-11e9-beb7-7a84bc2a8e37 "data- title =" iPad Pro "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?crop=1999%2C1333%2C0%2C0&quality=85&format=jpg&resize= 1600% 2C1066 & image_uri = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg .com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F5fc06120-a889-11e9-beb7-7a84bc2a8e37 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = ca054702406844630e950c46acb7 / 865f76 data-credit = "Remarkable" data-credit-link-back = "" data-dam-provider = "" data-local-id = "local-1-5444979-1 563520905293" data-media-id = "fa7ec4bc-51ea-412b -aa15-f69228bd7e96 "data-original-url =" https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/c797b240-a9f5-11e9-bff6-a574f4d02698 "data-title =" Note "sr c = "https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs.yimg. com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2Fc797b240-a9f5-11e9-bff6-a574f4d02698 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 816cf1e58fde45c7215f27b0a965518 19659020] Price: $ 9.99 ($ ​​19.98 for both ) </span></li>
<p>  Apple's iPad and Pencil are a powerful combination. The former offers limitless paper in terms of volume as well as sheet size, while the latter can seamlessly switch between an almost infinite number of multicolored pens, brushes and markers. If you want to use this combination for most of your college work, we recommend Ginger Labs Notability. The software is slightly more expensive than GoodNotes 5, but we prefer the overall appearance and organization of the side rails, as well as the way handwriting is smoothed out. Notability also has a desktop app, which is useful if you occasionally switch to a conventional laptop or PC. <!---- End description ----><!---- Begin alts ----></p><div><script async src=

Alternative: GoodNotes 5

  • Platforms: iOS
  • Price: $ 7.99
  • Buy

"I want to use a tablet and a laptop or PC."

  Macbook Pro "data-caption = "Macbook Pro" data-credit = "Engadget" data-credit-link-back = "" data-dam-provider = "" data-local-id = "local-3-1312610-1563521619280" data-media-id = "9b7a01c4-1e5c-44fd-8c32-f3899377b6c3" data-original-url = "https://s.yimg.com/ os / creatr-uploaded-images / 2019-07 / 738086d0-a9f7-11e9-b3f7-a4d2e942c2d1" data-title = "Macbook Pro" src = "https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?resize=2000% 2C2000% 2Cshrink & image_uri = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr uploaded images% 2F2019-07% 2F738086d0-a9f7-11e9-b3f7-a4d2e942c2d1 & amp; : OneNote </b></p>
<div class=

  OneNote "data-caption =" OneNote "data-credit =" Microsoft "data-credit-link-back =" "data-d am-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-1 -9898448-1563524226305 "data-media-id =" 191df617-530b-45f9-94f8-66001343f5b5 "data-original-url =" https: // s .yimg.com / os / creatr-uploaded-images / 2019-07 / 8bc2a4c0-a9fd-11e9-9dbc-0d67589334b9 "data-title =" OneNote "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims? Resize = 2000% 2C2000% 2Cshrink & image_uri = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr uploaded-images% 2F2019-07% 2F8bc2a4c0-a9fd-11e9-9dbc-0d67589334b9 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 5fe127afca7e6d946c71939f416f901f385fa257 "/> [19659030] Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, Web </span></li>
<li><span class= Price: Free

If you spend your time evenly on a tablet and a PC, you should try OneNote Microsoft software, because it's completely free and available on a variety of platforms, lets you organize your life into any number of notebooks and nested sections, which are then backed up by default in your Microsoft OneDrive account Media types, including text, pictures, hand-drawn doodles, and audio recordings. You can also share your notebooks and share notes with a other people work together. We also love Evernote, but the free tier limits access to two devices.

Alternative: Evernote

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows 10, Web
  • Price: Free (Basic), 7.99 USD / month (premium), $ 14.99 / month (business) [19659018] Buy

"I'm a power user who wants to customize everything."

  term "data-caption =" term "data-credit =" engadget "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-8-6869557- 1563375095989 "data-media-id =" 6b12bfa5-b410-4aca-b47e-a0420f76ec04 "data-original-url =" https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/54efc9c0- a8a2-11e9-b7dd-e092b3d0e992 "data-title =" Notion "src =" https: //o.aolcdn.com/images/dims? resize = 2000% 2C2000% 2Cshrink & image_uri = https:% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F54efc9c0-a8a2-11e9 -b7dd-e092b3d0e992 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 59fc5477be9f4c2fc1136a5cfd5c3e8b37751a78 "/> </p><div><script async src=

Our selection: Term


  • Platform Price: iOS, MacOS, Windows 10, Web Price: 86520 USD (USD) / month (enterprise)

Notion is one A cult-based Sticky Note app with a good reason, it's an extremely powerful and versatile option that supports simple to-do lists, longer blog posts, and a whole host of other task-matching tools, such as Kanban project management boards Wiki-style calendars and pages (notation notes) can also refer to pages stored in a different part of the app, but the software can be challenging for newbies, and creating the perfect setup requires time Thankfully, the company has developed a number of page templates and published some helpful online guides.

Alternative: Evernote

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows 10, Web
  • Price: Free (Basic), 7.99 USD / Month (Premium), $ 14.99 / Month (Business)
  • Buy

"I have a Chromebook, what options do I have?"

  Chromebook "data-caption =" Chromebook "data-credit =" Engadget "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-10-9899612- 1563376106455 "data-media-id =" 78c20515-4fed-4572-b3a7-84f9218cfe78 "data-original-url =" https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/adcae910- a8a4-11e9-b749-90bb88753a2c "data-title =" Chromebook "src =" https: //o.aolcdn.com/images/dims? resize = 2000% 2C2000% 2Cshrink & image_uri = https:% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F209-07% 2Fadcae910-a8a4-11e9 -b749-90bb88753a2c & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 5b994eb63a71b60e64903aa83a6e2ab3f4816a6d "/> </p>
<p><!-- End class and image --><!---- Begin product rec ----></p>
<p><b>  Our Pick: Google Keep (plus docs) </b></p><div><script async src=

  Los ogle Keep" data-caption = "Google Keep" data-credit = "Engadget" data-credit-link-back = "" data -dam-provider = "" data-local-id = "local-11-9162275-1563376353360" data-media-id = "555f2bbc-6e40-420c-aa05-e67305f5373f" data-original-url = "https: // s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/473ad920-a8a5-11-11-9be7-e3c0669920f9 "data-title =" Google Keep "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images /dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs.yimg com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F473ad920-a8a5-11e9-9be7-e3c0669920f9 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = cb74f7290338209e09ca2f3c59619090] A Chromebook is one of the cheapest ways to deal with surfing the Internet the desktop class to achieve a laptop-like experience. If you use one for school, we recommend Google Keep and Docs for most of your tasks. Keep is a foolproof tool that lets you quickly capture summaries, appointments, and daily to-do lists. Docs is a traditional writing application that resembles Microsoft Word. It's great to turn shorter notes into longer, fleshier essays and revision documents. With a special Chrome extension, you can also create, view, and edit all of your Google Docs content offline. </p>
<p><!---- End description ----><!---- Begin alts ----></p>
<div class=

Alternative: Evernote

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, Web
  • Price: Free (basic), $ 7.99 / month (Premium), $ 14.99 / month (Business)
  • Buy

"I want to take notes with paper and pen!"

  Hand holds pen and writes on paper.

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows 10, Web [19659020(Baseprice$799USD)14USD)]

No problem. For many people, the physical act of writing helps their brains remember the information. An app can still be useful to create a digital backup that is accessible everywhere. Many note-taking apps have a built-in camera feature, but not all are designed for handwritten documents. Evernote is one of the few programs that intelligently recognizes and records a note when the camera is open. It then makes subtle adjustments, including contrast settings, depending on whether it's a notebook page, a business card, a receipt, or a whiteboard. Otherwise, we recommend Microsoft OneNote – a truly free alternative, assuming you have cloud storage – to capture your handouts and Moleskine pages.

Alternative: OneNote

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, Web
  • Price: Free
  • Buy

"I want a simple app for quick, easy notes."

  Google Keep "data-caption =" Google Keep "data-credit =" Google "data-credit -link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-4 4473385-1563523668096 "data-media-id =" 98fe4280-1792-43c0-9e6e-9f5e43c28035 "Data-Original -url =" https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/ 40c0f130-a9fc-11e9-af92-caa141671dfd "data-title =" Google Keep "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs .yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2019-07% 2F40c0f130-a9fc-11e9-af92 -caa141671dfd & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 5740c965ba008b3af491df4c2b326e7dd3f9da06 "/> </p>
<p><!-- End class and image --><!---- Begin product rec ----></p>
<p><b>  Our Pick: Google Keep </b></p>
<div class=

  Goog le Keep "data-caption =" Google Keep "data-credit =" Google "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-2-9126390-1563521214121 " data-media-id = "1984cf2d-a576-4057-a56a-42e0f3f57617" data-original-url = "https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/8784ff40-a9f6- 11e9-ae7b-6960f6d63772 "data-title =" Google Keep "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs.yimg. com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2019-07% 2F8784ff40-a9f6-11e9-ae7b-6960f6d63772 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 752c5299061bf9ea0df9b4401976b85b85b85f6531f6f6f6] If you just want to find a place where you can gather quick thoughts, ideas and memories ? Again, we recommend Google Keep. The free software has a simple and clear design that anyone can capture in seconds. We love the captioning system and the ability to change the background color of a note, as well as a bunch of multicolored sticky notes. There are many other options, including Simplenote and the pre-installed Apple Notes app for iPhone, iPad and macOS. Zoho Notebook is a free alternative with nice "maps" for text blocks, checklists, audio snippets, photos, files and hand drawn sketches. </p>
<p><!---- End description ----><!---- Begin alts ----></p><div><script async src=

Alternative: Simplenote

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10, Linux
  • Price: Free
  • Buy

Alternative: Notes (Apple)

  • Platforms: iOS, macOS [19659018] Price: Free

Alternative: Zoho Notebook

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10
  • Price: Free
  • Buy

"I also want an app for serious writing." Data-credit = "Ulysses" data-credit-link-back = "" data-dam-provider = "" data-local-id = "local-12-7342400- 1563378334749 "data-media-id =" 2c5543da-585a-4d5b-a5a7-02ded56d1bfd "data-original-url =" https://s.yimg.com/os/creatr-uploaded-images/2019-07/d65a91f0- a8a9-11e9-97e7-ec083ee330af "data-title =" Ulysses "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?resize=2000%2C2000%2Cshrink&image_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fs.yimg. com% 2 Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2019-07% 2Fd65a91f0-a8a9-11e9-97e7-ec083ee330af & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 52ca07a1fb93f13f7162bc040a5f09f0e0e4ss21 = "Ulysses" data-credit-link-back = "" data-dam- provider = "" data-local-id = "local-14-8459851-1563378727007" data-media-id = "60740de1-2171-4750-8d33-c410f60e4550" data-original-url = "https: //s.yimg .com / os / creatr-uploaded-images / 2019-07 / c4b62990-a8aa-11e9-b72d-1fde5e3dc739 "data-title =" Ulysses "src =" https://o.aolcdn.com/images/dims?resize = 2000% 2C2000% 2Cshrink & i mage_uri = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fos% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2019-07% 2Fc4b62990 -a8aa-11e9-b72d-1fde5e3dc739 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = d6a69b5de1c0eb777c1745b2f2b15b02e6fab375 "/>

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