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The Best Cloud Gaming Services: A New Era of Gaming

Cloud Gaming has been around for a while; many big players have tried launching a successful gaming platform based on this model. Because of its current imperfect form, cloud gaming never caught up to the people. However, considering the latest developments in this space, game streaming is going to be a big trend in 2019 and beyond.

If you’re not familiar with this type of gaming, the game streaming services allow you to play any high-end games without needing a powerful computer. You can play the latest games on pretty much any device, from computers to phones, and even TVs in some cases.

A large amount of cloud gaming services are still active today, even if they never gained the popularity companies hoped for. Some of them are better than others; that’s why we’re trying to list below the greatest platforms for gaming in the cloud.

PlayStation Now

Currently, PlayStation Now is one of the most popular cloud gaming services, even if their platform is far from ideal. Through this service, users have the possibility of accessing over 700 games.

The service allows you to play hundreds of games from PS2, PS3, and PS4, both on your PlayStation 4 console but also on your PC. If you want to access the games on your PC, you still need a PlayStation account.

Even if their game library is impressive, the service is too rigid to become mainstream, only people owning a PlayStation 4 console and a PlayStation Plus subscription having access to their service.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia, even if it’s not a service released to the public yet, it has the potential to revolutionize gaming forever. Stadia is going to be a success even if they only accomplish half of what they promised. Google has some bold claims and it’s trying to accomplish something that no other cloud gaming platform has managed to realize before, making this concept work.

Stadia is aiming to allow anybody to play as many powerful games as they want, directly from their browser. This feature will enable people to access powerful games from their computers, phones, and even TVs, without the need for any hardware upgrades.

When it comes to browser gaming, only a small part of all the game categories have quality versions available for browsers. Currently, through browsers, people can access some of the highest quality casino games, without needing outstanding hardware.

Google is aiming to make available through the browser more complex games. Currently, entering an online casino through the web will give you access to a wide variety of games, without the need for high-end computers. Google is trying to accomplish just that but for the world of powerful games.

Apple Arcade

Recently, Apple announced a variety of new subscription services, Apple Arcade being one of them. Through this service, Apple is aiming to tap into an untouched medium, and that’s the mobile one. Most cloud gaming services have in mind powerful games meant to be played on computers and consoles.

Apple with their new approach is trying to take cloud gaming mobile, supporting only quality games built for smartphones. They are already supporting more than 100 games, many of which from less known brands.

On mobile phones, the casino games are a big part of the few gaming categories available for any smartphone configuration. Even the most complex casino games are easily accessible through most phones, without the need for high-end hardware.

However, besides casino games, many of the other quality game categories are only accessible through powerful phones. Apple is aiming to diminish the need for strong phones, allowing anybody with a basic smartphone to play the latest mobile games.


Until now, to access the latest games, people had to own powerful computers or gaming consoles. Through cloud gaming, all of those are going to become obsolete, removing the need for constant hardware updates and giving everybody access to great games.

Considering the services mentioned above, cloud gaming is going to be a big part of the gaming ecosystem in the years to come. Newer services like Google Stadia and Apple Arcade have the possibility of bringing quality gaming to a larger part of the population.