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The best gifts for graduates under $ 50

Buy Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon – $ 50

Amazon Echo Flex

Gifts for graduates under $ 50

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The easiest way to use Alexa at home is the Echo Flex. It̵

7;s a tiny smart speaker that plugs into a wall outlet and lets you talk to Alexa, just like you would with one of the larger, more expensive Echo devices. It is not intended for playing music like the Echo or the Echo Dot. Alexa voice commands are primarily used to check your calendar, control smart home devices and use Alexa knowledge. However, it has an audio output, so you can connect it to a more powerful speaker if you have one. Thanks to their low profile, every graduate can easily find a place for it in his studio apartment or single room.

Buy Echo Flex from Amazon – $ 25

Anker Powerline + cable

Gifts for graduates under $ 50

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You can never have enough charging cables, and Anker’s Powerline + lineup offers some of the best. We particularly recommend the Powerline + II Lightning cable for Apple products and the Powerline + USB-C cable for devices with the latest connections such as Google Pixel 4 or the latest iPad professionals.

Most Powerline + cables are made of braided nylon, which prevents them from breaking or fraying as easily as others. The Lightning cable, like many other Apple accessories, is MFi-certified by Anker. The USB-C cable supports fast charging and SuperSpeed ​​data transfer at up to 5 Gbit / s. Graduates will be particularly happy with the 6-foot versions of these cables, as they aren’t limited to a corner when they need to use their devices and charge at the same time.

Buy Powerline + II Lightning Cable from Amazon – $ 20

Buy Powerline + USB-C cable from Amazon – $ 13

Buffway’s slim minimalist RFID wallet

Gifts for graduates under $ 50

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RFID wallets are an easy way to protect your credit and debit cards from fraudsters. Buffway’s slim RFID blocking wallet is an affordable gift that even those who love designer accessories can use. It’s fairly thin, but still has room for seven cards and a middle section for cash. Those who already have a larger wallet or wallet that they love can put it in and know that their cards are protected. It’s also a great option for those who prefer minimalist wallets.

Buy Buffway Slim RFID Wallet from Amazon – $ 13

Logitech M720 triathlon mouse


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If your graduate spends a lot of time on the computer, a mouse is a more convenient and flexible upgrade to a trackpad. The Logitech M720 wireless triathlon mouse combines many premium features in one portable, affordable device. It can connect to up to three Windows or Mac computers at the same time using a single receiver and Bluetooth. You can seamlessly switch between all three devices and even copy and paste text with Logitech Flow and transfer other data from one computer to another.

The single AA battery also lasts two years before it needs to be replaced. This means that this mouse can be set up and used in a matter of seconds without thinking about it for long. We also think it’s good that it offers a balance between ergonomics and portability: it doesn’t take up much space in a backpack, but your hand won’t hurt after hours of use.

Buy M720 Triathlon Mouse at Best Buy – $ 50

RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh Power Bank

Gifts for graduates under $ 50

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While battery technology has improved over the years, it is still a stressful feeling when your smartphone dies in the middle of a long day. The 20,000 mAh power bank from RAVPower offers enough juice to power phones, tablets, headphones and other accessories many times over. This is done safely with a UL-certified battery cell and iSmart technology. This special battery has three USB ports (two USB-A and one USB-C port with PD) as well as a Lightning port and a micro-USB port, so that almost any mobile device of your graduate can be charged. You also never have to wonder how much power the pack has, because the LED display clearly shows the percentage of battery remaining.

Buy the PD Pioneer Power Bank from Amazon – $ 40

Fend off windproof travel umbrella

Gifts for graduates under $ 50

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Most people, including graduates, don’t think about buying a good umbrella until they’re stuck in a rainstorm with a bad one. Repel makes a range of solid umbrellas and its windproof travel model is a great everyday item. Weighing one pound and 11.5 inches in size, it’s compact enough to easily fit in a backpack or handbag, and its nine reinforced fiberglass ribs make it stronger against whipping winds than most cheap umbrellas. It also has a button on the handle for easy opening and closing. The best thing is, while cheap umbrellas turn into pretzels after a violent storm or two, Repel’s umbrella keeps working.

Buy Repel Umbrella from Amazon – $ 23

Tribit XSound Go

Gifts for graduates under $ 50

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A high quality Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. According to internet consensus, the XSound Go from Tribit is the best affordable Bluetooth speaker you can currently get. It is a good gift for graduates who are constantly playing music from their smartphone or laptop speakers. You can significantly improve your radio play for just $ 30. The XSound Go is clearer and louder than the competition in the same price range and has a stunning battery life of 10.5 hours. It easily fits in a pocket when you want to take it to the park or to a party, and its IPX7 rating means it survives a dip in the pool.

Buy XSound Go from Amazon – $ 30

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