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The best players are available in every position after the first week of the Free Agency Bleacher Report

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    Paul Sancya / Associated Press

    The first week of NFL-free representation is when splashes are made.

    Usually, teams sign good, not great players for big deals. However, in order to consistently maintain the victory in the regular season, they must win the second and third wave of free agency. Teams that can find solid contributors in this phase are usually sustainably successful.

    In this context, the best available players are described for each position in the free agency.

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    When a team in the free agency looks for a quarterback, the results are low. However, the best and most proven caller is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    In the seventh round of 2005 by then St. Louis Rams, Fitzpatrick, has played in his 14-year career for seven teams. Considering where he was drafted, he is arguably the prolific seventh-round seventh ever quarterback.

    Last season Fitzpatrick was surprisingly competent at the Buccaneers. He made eight appearances (seven starts) and threw 17 touchdowns with a passer rating of 100.4. However, he was inside and outside the line due to too many interceptions (12).

    Although Fitzpatrick is always somewhat sales dependent, it can be used as a high-level backup and can win games. Considering his career as a passer of 81.1, he is among the top 40 quarterbacks in the NFL.

    Do not expect to be in the market for longer, as teams look for viable backup quarterbacks. [19659013] 2 out of 10

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      Even in a league where return is becoming more and more replaceable, we've seen a market for veterans in the past week. Le Veon Bell, Mark Ingram and Tevin Coleman received substantial deals. And teams are still looking for three-back backs that can be workhorses.

      In the market for free agents, Marshawn Lynch is the best who is the one who has these skills. . While Lynch missed a good part of the 2018 season with a groin injury, he was successful when he was on the field for the Oakland Raiders.

      Lynch scored an average of 4.2 yards per carry, while scoring three touchdowns in six games. According to Pro Football Focus the native Californian surpassed the defenders to miss tackles and led the league with 0.27 missed tackles per rush attempt. Although he is only a part-time player in 2019, he can cause insult as an insider and pass protector.

      Lynch's market may be small – he'll be 33 in April – but he can undoubtedly make a big contribution. Expect to be picky about his next team, as he probably wants to stay on the West Coast.

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    Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press

    The 2019 free agent class lacked much elite talent in the broader receiver position, particularly at the outside receptor. However, it is a deep group that still has some potential starters in the market.

    The best available recipient is Chris Conley, whom the Chiefs selected in the third round of the 2015 draft. While Conley was primarily recipient # 3 in Kansas City, he has shown a few celebrities. In 2018, Conley starred behind Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins, collecting 32 passes for 334 yards in 16 games.

    In the NFL Scouting Combine, Conley showed his elite performance and drove with a 40-yard hit of 4.35 at 213 pounds. He finished the 99th percentile of athletics, according to Three Sigma athlete. The 6'3 "wideout has no ton of production (just 104 career starts), but he turned out to be the third downs as a dependable target.

    If a team is looking for an external receiver Some teens (26) and speed, Conley is In this phase of free decision-making is not a bad choice.

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    Mark LoMoglio / Associated Press

    Jared Cook is one of the best players who are still in the market That's strange, considering how The league was ready to pay for blockage, barely ending this season.

    In 2018, he set career highs at receptions (68), yards (896) and touchdowns (six) and made the Pro Bowl Cook developed a solid connection to Carr and became his favorite receiver, especially at Third Down.

    Although Cook is still fighting as a blocker, Cook is one of the more dynamic receivers in the league at his position, especially after catching 360sportradar 343 of its reception yards after catching up, the sixth most in the NFL. [1965900] 4] Expect passport-friendly teams who will soon consider signing.

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    Quality Offensive Officers do not often hit the free agent market. Currently, there are a few that could compete for most teams in 2019, and Josh Sitton, who was previously a member of the Miami Dolphins, is one of those players.

    Sitton missed almost the entire 2018 season when he suffered a shoulder injury on week 1. Before that, he was role model for consistency and started 135 games in nine seasons. If Sitton is on the field, he is still one of the best guardians in the NFL. During his eleven-year career, he was called to the Pro Bowl four times.

    Some teams may be deterred by their age (32) and the recent injury history can still play Sitton at a high level. Expect to sign a one-year provable deal.

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    Jamie Squire / Getty Images

    Ndamukong Suh is perhaps the best player left on the market. [19659004] In 2018, Suh was a crucial part of the Super Bowl run at Los Angeles Rams, but the team no longer has the space to bring back the five-time All-Pro player. Suh was a dominant defender in the defense of Wade Phillips and played throughout the defense line.

    In 2018, Suh recorded a total of 59 tackles, 19 quarterback hits, and 4.5 sacks. One of the best aspects of his game is his consistency, having missed only two starts in his career thanks to a two-game suspension in 2011. Even if the effort sometimes comes and goes, it is always available.

    As Last In the offseason, Suh is likely looking for a one-year deal in the range of $ 15 million. Even though he is 32 years old, a team can expect it to be in a Super Bowl window to meet his needs. However, do not be surprised if Suh takes the time to find his next team, similar to last season.

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    This season we saw many to very few exceptions. Above-average pass mates are paid in free agency. Za & # 0; Darius Smith, Preston Smith and Trey Flowers received massive deals. But that does not explain the lack of interest in one of the league's best and proven pass rushers.

    Justin Houston was released by the Kansas City Chiefs this season and, despite his impressive CV, had to sign with a team. Houston is a four-time pro-bowler who has 78.5 career sacks in just 96 starts.

    Despite injuries in the past, he has played 27 games in the last two years, losing 24 tackles at a loss and scoring 18.5 points. In terms of production, Houston was probably the best pass rusher on the market in this off season season.

    At just 30 years old, he can undoubtedly still make a big contribution, even if he is only limited to a pass-rush role. Houston could prove to be the biggest theft in the free agency.

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    Matt Rourke / Associated Press

    If there was a position that was surprisingly in demand, this was a linebacker.

    Players like Kwon Alexander and CJ Mosley signed record deals on the first days of the new league year. However, there are still a few high quality linebackers who could jump in and start for a handful of teams.

    One such type is Zach Brown, for whom the Washington Redskins recently released.

    Brown has played in all 16 games for The Redskins last season, starting at 12. When he's in the field, he's one of the league's most prolific linebackers, recording 250 solo takes in his last 45 games.

    At 29, Brown can still be a productive weak point-side linebacker, who can run from side to side. Expect to be signed quickly and re-produced next season.

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    Bill Kostroun / Associated Press

    For some reason, the cornerback market in the first wave has not received much interest in free agency. There are still several quality players who could start for most teams. One of these players is Morris Claiborne, who has played the last two seasons with the New York Jets.

    For Claiborne, his ability was never a problem, but he has struggled to stay healthy throughout his career. In the last two seasons, however, he started with 30 games for the jets.

    At 29, Claiborne is probably not a long-term solution, but he could be a good year-old rent, which could provide high-end games cheap. He is by far the best outdoor cornerback on the market.

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    In contrast to last year, the security market boomed in the free agency. Players like Landon Collins, Earl Thomas and Adrian Amos all received massive deals. However, there are still some good starters.

    One is Tre Boston, who completed a one-year probing deal last season. He started 13 games last season for the Arizona Cardinals, a total of 79 tackles and three interceptions.

    At the age of 26, Boston is in the prime of its career. If teams are looking for truly free security, it's the best option on the market. Last but not least, it offers a solid depth to a fraction of the price that other collateral received in the off-season.

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