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The best travel apps for Android

Travel can be a huge hassle, with plenty of room for inconvenience and mistakes. But even if there is not much to do because of the late departure, the grumpy gatekeepers or the stinking boys who are somehow always right next to you, there are ways you can make your next business trip a little less uncomfortable – all thanks to this phone Gadget in Your Pocket

The selection of Android apps has increased dramatically in recent years and the Google Play Store now offers an impressive selection of really useful titles for the traveling professional. After testing a number of outstanding candidates, these are the apps that I keep on your smartphone and are always at hand when you go onto the street with your work or fly the (supposedly) friendly sky.

(All apps are free, unless stated otherwise.)

Planning and Preparation

Organizing Your Packaging Process

PackPoint is a travel genius. You just tell him where you're going, when and what you're going to do – and the app will create a detailed checklist of suggestions for your suitcase.

You can add your own items to the list as needed. and then use it as a guide to make sure you remember everything, every time.

  Android Travel Apps - PackPoint JR Raphael / IDG

PackPoint takes some of the pain out of packing for a trip] PackPoint is free, with an optional one-time $ 3 upgrade that removes advertising and you gives the opportunity to create your own custom packaging templates. The paid version of the app also integrates with TripIt (more on that soon), which means it can automatically import your travel plans and create packing lists before you even ask.

Prepare for Local Navigation

Yeah, yeah, I know: you know Google Maps very well. But what you may not know – or maybe just forgot – is that with a bit of planning in advance, you can download all the data you need to travel directly to Maps. This allows you to navigate to your heart's content in areas without strong mobile data signals and avoid the unnecessary burning of mobile data on the road.

Here's the trick: While you're still in your comfort home or office, open maps on your phone and search for the city you're going to visit. The name should appear in a bar at the bottom of the screen along with the "More Information" link.

Tap Learn More, then tap Download on the screen that appears. Repeat the process as needed for more places on your agenda, then calm down, because you know your navigation guide is there and waiting – no matter the conditions you meet.


Manage Your Flight

TripIt is an all-round air travel companion that will make your life easier in a meaningful way – especially if you're flying quite a bit.

TripIt basically lets you fly on itineraries and other travel-related emails to a specific address – or, if you want, direct access to your inbox so they can find and edit those emails themselves – and then extract all the relevant details and organize them into Clean and easy-to-follow Master Itineraries

Where TripIt really shines though is the optional TripIt Pro service for $ 49 a year (which you can test for a free 30-day trial) , This service provides you with real-time flight updates throughout your journey – often beating notifications through airline's own apps, in my experience, as well as updates to the monitors in the terminal.

  Android Travel Apps - TripIt JR Raphael / IDG

Once you travel with TripIt – and especially its TripIt Pro service – you will not want to fly without it.

In addition, TripIt Pro makes it easy to find alternative flights at any point in your hotel's adventure. If a connection is canceled or delayed, it is sufficient to see, with a few taps, which other flights are available – even up to the specific open seats – at your current or another airline. On a recent trip to Boston, which helped me to stay one step ahead of the torch-bearer when a late departure endangered my connecting flight.

TripIt Pro comes with a few other benefits, such as a $ 25 credit for LoungeBuddy for access to the airport lounge. But the notifications and the alternative flight finder make the app truly invaluable – a must for frequent flyers or business travelers.

Find the Best Flights

Forget all the chunky, upsell-infected flight search apps and services. Instead, open your Chrome Android browser and navigate to Google Flights . OK, OK, technically it's not an Android app, but Google's flight service makes finding flights across all airlines super easy. You can save or share potential travel plans and then book your trip directly with your chosen airline (or airlines).

Pro Tip: To make the app more accessible, when you see the Chrome icon, tap the Three-Point Website menu and choose Add to Home. It gives you a more traditional, mobile-friendly icon that lets you launch the tool at the touch of a button.

Explore Airports

FLIO does a lot of different things, but the feature you want is its ability to act as your guide to airports around the world. Once you land, the app will populate with all sorts of information relevant to your terminal – interactive maps, meal suggestions, and detailed instructions on connecting to available Wi-Fi hotspots in the area. It also allows you to find and book access to airport lounges and even reserve rental cars and parking in some locations.

  Android Travel Apps - FLIO JR Raphael / IDG

FLIO is packed full of helpful information to help you make the most of your time at the airport.

FLIO also offers occasional discounts on shops and services. On a recent trip to Boston, for example, he made an offer for $ 5 off at the spa in my connection terminal (though unfortunately I did not have any vouchers for tacos that I needed much more urgently).

Accelerate your border entry

If you travel internationally – and have a valid passport from the US or Canada – you can save valuable time on the entry into the US with the Mobile Passport app. Info and customs clearance form through the app on landing and then skip the regular line on the way through the border patrol.

Despite its name, the app does not replace your passport; You still have to carry that with you. And do not worry, it's authorized by the US Department of Customs and Border Protection and it's absolutely legitimate.


Tracking Your Mileage

When You Drive Your Own Car For Business, Microsoft Makes It MileIQ It's easy as you can track your miles for a later refund. Once you've set up the app on your phone and turned on Drive Recognition, you do not have to do anything: it automatically detects when you're driving and then records all your miles in the background. It even uses the current reimbursement rates prescribed by the IRS to calculate what you are entitled to.

The app also has some interesting advanced options, such as: For example, you can set specific times and then ignore drives occurring outside of these times

MileIQ can be used for up to 40 drives per month for free. For unlimited access, you'll need to spend $ 6 a month or $ 60 for a full year of service.

At the destination

Track your travel expenses

When it comes to more general spending tracking, Expensify is the app to have in your arsenal. With Expensify, you can easily pick up receipts from your phone – or forward invoices and receipts by email – and then extract and report on the relevant details. The app is also available on the Internet and offers direct export integrations with QuickBooks, Xero and other accounting services.

  Android Travel Apps - Expensify JR Raphael / IDG

Take a picture of a receipt – or forward it by e-mail – and then forget it with Expensify.

Expensify costs $ 5 per user per month for individuals or teams and also has plans for businesses and businesses. You can also try the app with a free plan, even though it will give you only 10 imports per month and many of the extended expense and integration features of the service are missing.

Find Wi-Fi Anywhere

Google's Datally app can help you reduce mobile data usage in several ways, but the most relevant feature for this summary is the ability to give you an interactive look List of available Wi-Fi networks nearby. It will let you know if they are password protected and can even help you get closer to one of them with a tap.

The connection will not be much easier than that.

Convert everything and translate

19659013] Let XECurrency convert the currency without headache for your next border crossing. It's free with ads or $ 2 for a premium version.

And if language translation is what you need, the aptly named Google Translate app is the tool you want. It's brimming with handy features, such as the ability to instantly translate text from an image you take with your camera, and a "conversation mode" that lets you interact in real time with a (somewhat embarrassing) back-and-forth dialogue have with someone who speaks another language.

Stay fit wherever you go

Who says you have to stay seated just because you're traveling? Skip the awesome "Exercise Facility" and check out Zeamo where you can find a list of fitness and fitness centers near you and buy day, week or month tickets directly from the app] Android Travel Apps – Zeamo "width =" 700 "height =" 673 "data-imageid =" 100761736 "data-license =" IDG "/> JR Raphael / IDG

Zeamo helps you stay close to fitness Center and then buy passports for short-term access.

If you prefer to go outside to work up a sweat, RunGo lets you search and navigate popular running tracks in any location for free, with an optional $ 2 per month or $ 15 per year premium upgrade that gives you a host of additional features you may not need (unless you really want to sync the app to a Strava Activity Tracker )

And w If you would prefer to take your heart out of the privacy of your own room, grab the Nike Training Club app. It's filled with easy-to-follow workouts ranging from the intense and crossfit-like "Bodyweight Only Benchmark" to the simple and stretch-oriented "Run Ready Yoga". You can find workouts for virtually any time you want – even just five minutes! – and you can go "no-equipment workouts", provided you do not carry your entire collection of kettlebells and medicine balls with you when traveling.

The only thing you'll miss is an apology. 19659064]
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