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The Beta of Souls-Like Mortal Shell is now open to everyone

Mortal Shell, Cold Symmetry’s soul-like action RPG, has changed its closed beta to an open beta and allows all players to download it now from the Epic Games Store. The developers contacted Twitter and Discord to explain the decision, which resulted from an unexpectedly high demand for the start of the closed beta. Cold Symmetry distributed code on its social channels and via email, but after the vocal community expressed interest in trying the game, the developer decided to change course.“We have heard that many of you felt excluded and frustrated with how we dealt with key distribution,” said Cold Symmetry on Discord. “We did our best to keep up with requests, but we never anticipated this high demand, so we decided to open PC Beta early and it̵
7;s available now.”

Mortal Shell was part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming and we released a new trailer for the game, in which players inhabit the bodies (see: Mortal Shells) of defeated warriors and acquire their unique statistics and skills.

Mortal Shell – 11 screenshots

In our practical work with Mortal Shell, we said: “All in all, Mortal Shell made an extremely strong first impression, not because it creates the look and feel of Dark Souls, but because it also creates it.” feel like something completely fresh and unique. “

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